The Result of British Bias

In 1914 Great Britain was the most powerful and influential nation in the world, much like the United States today. The Great War of 1914-1918 seriously damaged England. This “war to end all wars” later became known as World War One. Part of the result of this war was the expulsion of the Ottoman Turks from Palestine by the British.

Israel, named Palestine by the Romans after they deported the Jews in 135 A.D., became a British Protectorate July 24, 1922. The British, anxious to not offend the Arabs who controlled Mid-East oil, tried to be impartial, but British policy leaned toward the Arabs. As Nazi persecution increased, more and more Jews tried to get to Israel. In many cases, they were prevented by the British.

The end of World War Two brought the horror of German death camps to light. Efforts began to give the Jews a homeland. Several countries, including Uganda, were considered. But the Jews wanted to go home to Israel. The United Nations Special Committee on Palestine recommended the establishment of a Jewish state. Great Britain under the anti-Zionist foreign secretary, Ernst Bevin, refused to implement it.

About the same time, the iconic ship Exodus, a small antiquated coastal passenger ship, carrying 4,515 Jewish refugees was stopped at sea by the British Navy. After a struggle in which three Jews were killed and twenty-eight injured, the ship was forced to return to Europe. On September 8, 1947 in Hamburg, Germany (under post-war control of the British) the Holocaust survivors were removed by force in front of the hundreds of reporters and photographers. This brought world-wide condemnation of British policies.

November 29, 1947 the United Nations voted to create a Jewish state. United States President Harry Truman was the first world leader to recognize this action when it was fulfilled by the Jews on May 14, 1948. (The next day the Arabs declared war on Israel.)

To this day the British continue their bias against Israel and toward the Arabs. It appears to be all about oil. Elliott Abrams of the Council on Foreign Relations wrote about this bias. He points out that the Queen of England has never visited Israel. Her sons and grandsons, the various princes, have recently been to Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Oman. Prince Charles visited Jordan last year. Jordan is a ten-minute helicopter ride from Jerusalem, even less by jet. But Prince Charles did not go.

The Lord told Abraham that “He would bless those that bless you, and curse those that curse you.” (Genesis 12:3) The Lord has blessed the United States because of its support of Israel. In the meantime, Great Britain has fallen from the richest country on earth to the sixth place, just ahead of Brazil.

There is a lesson here for the United States. Our President has snubbed the Israeli Prime Minister, his staff has denigrated Israel, and our policies have not always been friendly to that nation. The United States, once the most productive country in the world, was recently replaced by China. Pray for America, lest we fall into the same situation as England.

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