The Fear of Isaac

Although not specifically named, Jesus is found several places in the Old Testament. In the very first verse of the Bible there are seven words in the Hebrew version. This forms a design reminiscent of the Jewish Menorah. The middle word in Genesis 1:1, in the Servant Lamp position, is not spoken. It is composed of the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet, reminiscent of the Alpha and Omega in the Revelation. In the Revelation Jesus is standing in the middle, in the Servant Lamp position, of the seven lamps. I believe Jesus is pictured in the first verse of the Bible.

Jacob, the son of Isaac, spent twenty years working for his uncle, Laban. When he left the country of Laban to return home to his family, Laban confronted him. Jacob told Laban that he had tried to cheat him, and had changed his wages ten times. Jacob told Laban that if it were not for the God of Abraham and the Fear of Isaac, Jacob would have had nothing. (Genesis 31:42)

Who, or what is the Fear of Isaac? The Hebrew word is pachad, and means fear, dread, or terror (Strong’s H6343). A related word (Strong’s H6344) implies shame, and also means a stone. As I study this word I am impressed with the connection the definitions have with Jesus. The Jews treatment of Jesus was shameful. Jesus is the stone the builders rejected. Jesus is The Rock of our salvation.

The Jewish writer Everett Fox suggests that this word implies a champion. Jacob did not express fear or terror of the Fear of Isaac. Jacob stated that he had a champion in the Fear of Isaac. Jesus is our champion, our advocate before the Lord.

We do not think of Jesus in terms of fear or terror because He has His tremendous power in control. Do you not think that while on the Cross, Jesus could not have destroyed those who mocked Him and were killing Him? I would not want to be on the receiving end of the wrathful power of Jesus.

When Jacob told Laban who was protecting him, it was not the God of Abraham, but the Fear of Isaac. Why Isaac? I believe that in the story of Abraham offering to sacrifice Isaac, which is a foreshadow of God the father offering His son Jesus, Abraham is a type of the Father and Isaac is a type of the Son. The Fear of Isaac (Jesus) is linked to Isaac, the son.

In my opinion, the Fear of Isaac is the pre-incarnate Jesus. The Fear of Isaac was the champion of Jacob. Jacob did not fear Him. Jesus is our champion, also. Praise His name always!

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