Jubilees – Part One

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The Jubilee is all about redemption. If for some reason the owner of land in Israel had to sell it, in the Year of Jubilee the land was restored to the original owner. Actually, the owner did not “sell” his land but rented it until the next Jubilee. The instructions for the price are found in Leviticus 25:15-16.

For reasons that are not clear to me, it was considered by the Jews that the Year of Jubilee came every forty-nine years. The instructions from the Lord clearly indicate fifty years.

The Year of Jubilee followed the Sabbatical Year, which meant that the Children of Israel had to live two years from the bounty of the sixth year of the Sabbatical cycle. The seventh year was a year of rest for the land, as was also the Jubilee Year.

In the fiftieth year the land was redeemed and given back to the original owner. Therefore, the number “fifty” is related to redemption. This is confirmed by the Day of Pentecost, which occurred fifty days after the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus. Even Jewish rabbis, who do not recognize Jesus as Messiah, know that the Feast of Pentecost is about redemption.

Just as the practice of animal sacrifice ended with the destruction of the Temple by the Romans in 70 A.D., the deportation of the Jews from Israel in 135 A.D. brought an end to the Year of Jubilee. The Israelites were no longer in the land. They were not there to receive it back. Therefore, there were no more Jubilees.

But the Chosen of the Lord are back in the Holy Land. I believe the Jubilee cycle has begun, and I will explain why in the next lesson.

Until then, praise the Lord for what He reveals to us in these Last Days.

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