The large cities of our time appear to be an allegory of the overshadowing of the Church by worldly commerce. In times past, in every city, town and village, the dominant structure was the church. The Church also dominated society, sometimes in ways with which we would not agree. The Church was the most important part of communities.

Even in large cities, until the Twentieth Century, church spires and steeples stood out above all other buildings. In Boston, it was a church steeple that Paul Revere looked to for a signal. In New York, Trinity Church and St. Patrick's Cathedral stood above the other buildings. Today, however, towers of commerce obscure these church spires and steeples. These towers are filled with people communicating by phone, fax and email. Are these Towers of Babble?

Just as the church building has become obscured in cities and towns by commercial buildings, the Church has been replaced by international commerce. This is especially true in large cities. Mankind seeks answers to its questions in commerce and politics, not the Church. More money and power are the answers. People's lives revolve around their business and not God.

In Ezekiel chapter 27, the Lord does not have kind things to say about the combination of commerce and politics. Chapter 27 of Ezekiel is ostensibly directed toward the nation of Tyre (known in history books as Phoenicia). It speaks of the great wealth of Tyre, the great fleets of ships that Tyre possessed, and the many soldiers of varied nationalities that Tyre used. This sounds like the wealthy nations of today and their use of United Nations (UN) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) troops.

Ezekiel chapter 28 deals with the king of Tyre. It is also quite apparent that the Lord has added another level of meaning to this passage of scripture, something He does frequently. Chapter 28 speaks of a person who was the most brilliant creature in Heaven; who had been in the Garden of Eden; who was clothed with brilliant jewels; who was a guardian cherub. It speaks of this creature being thrown down from Heaven to the earth. The Lord, speaking through the prophet Ezekiel, is not describing the king of Tyre, but Satan. Satan was the brightest created being in Heaven. Apparently, he was one of the cherubim (plural of cherub) around the Throne of the Lord.

Ezekiel chapters 27 and 28 taken together give us a picture of commerce and politics and its link to Satan. Commerce and trade are not evil. We must all make a living. We are told that a man who does not provide for his family is worse than an infidel. However, international commerce and the inordinate power that accompanies it appears to be contrary to the Plan of God. After all, in 1991 was it little Kuwait or the oil that concerned the "allies" of the world?

This connection of international commerce and political power and the Lord's opposition to it parallels the downfall of Babylon in The Revelation chapter 18. The kings, merchants and ship captains bemoan the destruction of this great city of commerce.

Interestingly, there are many indications that this great city is not New York, as we Americans may suppose, but London. Greater London, England has a population of seven million or more, contains several municipalities and covers many square miles. The City of London, known as the City, is one square mile. The City contains all of the major banking institutions of the world, including American banks. Lloyd's of London, which insures most of international shipping, is in the City. England was known for its maritime prowess. Have you heard the anthem, "Rule Britannia, Britannia Rules the Waves"? The British even thought their land was the center of the earth and placed the central meridian for all physical and time measurements in Greenwich, England (Greenwich Mean Time).

Also, please note that the legendary guardians of the City of London are Gog and Magog. In the old guildhall, a kind of city hall, in the City of London are statues of Gog and Magog in the form of Roman soldiers. The Lord also does not speak kindly of Gog and Magog. In fact, He says He will destroy them in The Revelation chapter 20.

The countries of Europe basically compose what was the Roman Empire. The United State is largely a European culture and is attached culturally, linguistically and financially to England. The City of London financially controls international commerce (and politics?) even today. Is this the Babylon spoken of in The Revelation chapter 18? There appears to be a link between Rome/Europe, the City of London and commerce and politics.

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