The three-week period from Tammuz 17 to Av 9 on the Hebrew calendar is known as “The Dark Days.” Tammuz 17 is thought to be the date when Moses discovered the Children of Israel committing spiritual adultery with the golden calf. As a result Moses smashed the tablets upon which the Ten Commandments were written. These Commandments were a type of marriage agreement between the Lord and Israel. And the bride was already violating the agreement.

Both the first and second Temples were destroyed on Av 9. What a coincidence! On Av 9, 135 A.D. the Romans put down the Bar Kochba Rebellion and deported the Jews all over the Roman Empire. It was at this time that they named the Land of Israel for their enemies, the Philistines. In Latin, Philistine is Palestine.

This same three-week period of time has brought terrible calamity upon the Jewish people over the centuries; Death, Destruction and Deportation. (England - 1290; Spain- 1391; Spain - 1492; Poland - 1559) The countries mentioned were all part of the ancient Roman Empire.

In view of these events it is interesting to look at the modern Roman Empire. Immediately following World War Two a movement began to unite Europe (the old Roman Empire) into a political and economic union. It started in 1948 (an interesting year) with the formation of BeNeLux, an economic agreement between Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. Later, this resulted in the European Economic Community which was established March 25, 1957 by a document known as The Treaty of Rome.

A few years later a group met and divided the entire world into ten regions (see The Revelation 13:1-2). It seems presumptuous for a group of men to divide the world into districts in 1966. This group called themselves The Club of Rome.

This movement has progressed to the point of political, economic and possible spiritual unity within Europe. The spiritual unity is certainly based upon humanism. These three points of unity coincide with the three types of Mystery Babylon. In fact this movement, which now calls itself the European Union (EU), has three headquarters; Brussels, Belgium; Luxemburg City, Luxemburg; and, Strasbourg, France.

The Louise Weiss Building, located in Strasbourg, is particularly interesting. It is composed of several parts including a tower. The tower, although finished and in use, appears unfinished. This was done purposefully. It is reminiscent of the Tower of Babel.

It appears that the same people who divided the world into regions in 1966 are now thinking in terms of uniting the world, just as the people of Nimrod’s time (see Genesis 10:8-12 and 11:1-4). Apparently, they believe the Tower of Babel is a fitting symbol. For a picture of this building go to

The EU has long supported the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and Yasser Arafat. The United States has been the sole friend of Israel. Now, the U.S. has turned and supports a Palestinian state, including portions of Jerusalem. It seems the entire world is against Israel. The prophet Zechariah describes this state of affairs in chapter 14:2.

But, no matter what, the Lord is in control and He has a Plan. Praise His Name for His Plan and for including us in it.

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