The Occult United Nations

The United Nations (UN) was formed in 1945, some say as a replacement for the failed League of Nations. Its start was not auspicious. Credited with writing much of the UN Charter, allegedly modeled after the Constitution of Russia and the Communist Manifesto, Alger Hiss was the acting Secretary-General of the UN at its first meeting. Mr. Hiss, part of Franklin Roosevelt’s staff, was accused of being a Soviet spy. Because of the statute of limitations, Hiss was not charged with that crime, but was convicted of perjury during his trial. Not exactly a shining example of leadership.

Dag Hammarskjöld, the second Secretary-General of the UN, was described as a mystic. The first Secretary-General, Trygve Lie, was similarly described.

Robert Muller was with the UN almost from the beginning, and was on the staff for forty years. He became the Assistant-Secretary-General of the UN (second in command). Mr. Muller was described as “a deeply spiritual person,” which has become code for New Age spiritualism. Mr. Muller is called the “Philosopher of the UN.”

Here is a quote from The New Genesis, a writing of Robert Muller. “And God said: ‘That is good.’ And it was the first day of the New Age of the Earth.” The “Common Core” educational standards used in most public schools today are very close to the “World Core Curriculum” created by Robert Muller for global use in schools.

For his inspiration, Mr. Muller claimed the “spirit guide” of Alice A. Bailey and Lucifer Publishing Company. Mrs. Bailey, was a New Age writer who wrote what she was told by a demon she called “the Tibetan.” For a short time her publishing company was named Lucifer Publishing Company, but she then changed the name to Lucis Trust. Lucis Trust is a “non-governmental organization” of the UN. Until recently Lucis Trust was headquartered at the United Nations Plaza in New York. A trip to any New Age bookstore will reveal that many of the New Age books are published by Lucis Trust, an arm of the UN.

Remember, Robert Muller was in the UN for forty years.

Within the UN building is a “meditation room.” It is described as being “wedge-shaped.” In reality, it is a trapezoid. The trapezoid form has great significance in the occult. In the center of the room is a giant block of polished iron ore. Perhaps this signifies the “sacredness of mother Earth.” The UN also has its own official Indian meditation instructor, who holds two meditation sessions per week within the UN building.

There is a world religion, it is occult and it is being promoted by the United Nations.

Having read this, is it any surprise that the UN constantly condemns Israel (God’s chosen people) and desires to control Jerusalem (the place God chose to place his feet – Ezekiel 43:7)? Is it any surprise that the UN denies that Israel ever existed? Is it any surprise that the UN headquarters in Israel are located on the site traditionally known as the Hill of Evil Counsel?

May the true God, the Most High God, be praised always and forever!

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