Dear Friend,

If you find this car or home abandoned, it means one thing. The owner, who is a Christian, has been called Home by the Lord Jesus Christ. You have been left behind.

Believers are not innocent, but have been redeemed by the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, the Son of the Most High God. When the Lord takes this unprecedented action and calls to Heaven those who believe in Him, He will also call the innocent children. Children, by nature, are innocent, so the righteous Lord will also call the innocent children to be with Him.

The Innocent and the Redeemed will be taken to Heaven to be spared from coming events. The New Agers, Satanists, occultists and other unbelievers will claim that Christians have been removed by UFOs and carried to another planet to be rehabilitated. This is foolishness. Why would precious, innocent children need to be rehabilitated?

But the Lord is gracious and desires that all should be with Him in His Kingdom. It will not be too late for salvation! Here is what you must do:

1 - BELIEVE that Jesus is the Son of God who promises you salvation.
2 - REPENT, or turn away from your sin. (All have sinned, but God will forgive.)
3 - CONFESS in public that you believe in Jesus. (Jesus said, "All who confess me before men, I will confess before my Heavenly Father.)
4 - BE IMMERSED according to Biblical principals. The word "baptize" is based on the Greek word "baptizo", which means "to immerse".
5 - FIND OTHER BELIEVERS. There is strength and encouragement in numbers.

I have placed a Bible in this envelope and have marked it so that you can easily find the steps of Salvation, and follow them. Please consider this most important matter.

The Bible is true and correct. Long ago Christians (followers of Christ) were told by Jesus that He would return for them at the appropriate time. Students of the Bible have long believed that this current time in history would see the Return of the Lord.

The Bible is true and correct. It tells of a time of "tribulation." You may have heard that word "tribulation" in a Biblical context. The Book of the Revelation (the last book in the Bible) describes natural disasters, cataclysmic events, wars, destruction and . . . . deception.

The Bible is true and correct. There will come a being who will have great powers and will promise great things. His power will be from Satan, who is not a myth but an actual being. This person will be a false Christ or false Messiah. The Bible describes him as the Anti-Christ or the Beast.

This person will have great political power. He will probably enable Israel to rebuild or re-establish the Temple or the Tabernacle in Jerusalem. At some point during this terrible time of tribulation this unnamed world leader will go into the Temple or Tabernacle and declare himself god.

Things will really get bad after that. The world leader will attempt to control you through an ID card, or a mark, that you must have to get paid, buy food, fuel and other necessities. To receive this card you must state that the world leader is god or the messiah or whatever he calls himself, and apparently you must renounce the Lord Jesus. Here, you must make a choice. Do not renounce your faith and belief in God. You will be eternally lost in that event. (Please see Revelation 14:9 & 20:4) There is a Hell. The Bible is true and correct.

Find a church building. (The Church is not here.) There are currently plenty of Bibles and study materials. Do not assume this will always be.

Read the Holy Bible. The King James Version is the most faithful to the original Hebrew and Greek texts. An updated version, the KJV 2000, is available online or you can download the entire KJV or KJV 2000 Bible in PDF format.

Study God's Word. Be faithful. You probably had the chance to be with the Lord, and for some reason rejected it. There is still hope. Do not reject the Lord. Do not rebel. What just happened is like the two-minute warning of football. The end is near. Jesus will return soon to bring an end to all war and destruction and to usher in one-thousand years of peace.

Read these scriptures:
Acts 1:1 through 11 - Acts 2:1 through 39 - note especially 2:21 and 2:38
Romans chapters 5 and 6 - note especially 5:8, 5:11, 5:15 and 6:4
Remember, from what has just occurred, you know it is all true!

Read these authors: Hal Lindsey, Grant Jeffery, Chuck Missler, James Dobson, Charles Stanley, John Hagee.

Do not despair. The Lord has been patient and will now show His righteous wrath against those who hate Him. Be warned; Satan knows that his time is short and there will be a great increase in demonic activity. The demons that you thought were entertaining in movies and video games are just a hint. But Jesus will return soon to bring peace to the world. At that time, every knee will bow to Jesus, whether you have believed in Him or not. Those of us who are now with the Lord in His Heavenly Kingdom look forward to the Day of His return. Please repent. We look forward to you being in Heaven with us.