Leah's Children

We are familiar with the Children of Israel, or Jacob, through the twelve sons of Jacob who became the patriarchs of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Some of those children were by his wife Leah, and they present an interesting story. Jacob had two wives, Leah and Rachel. He worked for seven years for Rachel, but was tricked into marrying Leah. Jacob worked seven more years for Rachel.

Leah appears to represent the bride of God, Israel, because she is described as having weak eyes, and Israel is blind toward seeing the Plan of God through Jesus (Romans 11:7). Rachel appears to represent the bride of Christ, the Church. Rachel means “ewe lamb” and is a fitting name for the bride of the Lamb of God.

Leah had seven children; six boys and a girl. This seems to indicate the six days of work the Lord performed and then the day of rest. This pattern is thought to represent six millennial days of mankind and then the millennial rest. Leah had six males representing mankind and then she had a nice, pretty girl. The girl’s name was Dinah, which according to Peloubet means “judged and acquitted.” This, too, is a picture of the Millennial Kingdom in which Israel will be judged, but acquitted.

Dinah was indeed pretty because Shechem, the son of Hamor, was drawn to Dinah and he loved her. (Genesis 34:3) Unfortunately, Shechem had no class because he violated Dinah. The brothers of Dinah were furious. Hamor, the father, came to Jacob to obtain Dinah as wife for his son Shechem. The sons of Jacob made a deal with Hamor, who was also ruler of that area. They agreed to let Dinah marry if all the men that Hamor ruled over were circumcised. The men of Hamor agreed because if the family of Israel settled there, Hamor and his people thought the livestock and property of Israel would become theirs. (Genesis 34:23)

On the third day, when the men of Hamor were still in pain, Simeon and Levi killed every male in the city, looted the goods of the city, took their wives and children to be sold as slaves, and took their livestock. Jacob was not happy with this action, and as a result of their behavior neither the tribe of Simeon or Levi were given any land when the Promised Land was allotted among the tribes. Jacob (or Israel) prophesied this in Genesis 49:7.

The interaction between the family of Israel and Hamor gives us an interesting picture. Dinah, as the daughter of Israel, represents the nation of Israel. Hamor and his city/state are Gentiles. By the way, Hamor means “he-ass”. The leader of the Gentiles was a jackass. I suspect the Lord chuckled over that one. The Gentiles violate Israel (Dinah) and also want their property. But on the third (millennial?) day Israel strikes the Gentiles and takes all of their property.

This is a foreshadow of the great Day of the Lord which is described as a time when Israel will receive the wealth of all the world. See Isaiah 14:2, 60:5 and 60:9.

And, in case you thought that I had let it slip by, the seven children of Leah form a Menorah design. The fourth child, Judah, in the Servant Lamp position was the ancestor of Jesus, the Son of God. Jesus was the Servant Lamp in the Revelation 1:13 where He was standing in the middle of the seven golden lamps.

May I repeat the Word of the Lord; “I make known the end from the beginning.” (Isaiah 46:10) Praise His Name!

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