In the fifth chapter of The Revelation there is a search for one worthy to open the scroll which is the title to the Earth. The redemption document is sealed seven times. The One found worthy is Jesus, the Redeemer. As each seal is opened it appears to represent the corresponding millenium of history, and then ushers in the succeeding millenium.

1st Seal – Rev. 6:1 – White horse, rider given a bow, he rides forth to conquer.
1st Millenium – 4000 BC to 3000 BC – This era covers the time of Adam. Mankind went forth from the Garden to conquer Earth.

2nd Seal – Rev. 6:3 – Red horse, rider given power to take peace from the Earth.
2nd Millenium – 3000 BC to 2000 BC – This era encompasses the Flood and the Tower of Babel.

3rd Seal – Rev. 6:5 – Black horse, rider has a scale to dole out food on a daily basis.
3rd Millenium – 2000 BC to 1000 BC – This era is from the time of Abraham to the time of King David. The children of Israel were enslaved in Egypt, were freed and worked to conquer the Promised Land and build the Land of Israel.

4th Seal – Rev. 6:7 – Pale horse, Death is the rider, followed by Hades. Inhabitants of the Earth die by the sword, famine, plague and wild beasts.
4th Millenium – 1000 BC to Christ – This period of history covers from the reign of King David to the time of Jesus. During this time Israel was divided into the northern kingdom and the southern kingdom. The northern kingdom was captured and the ten tribes were dispersed. The southern kingdom was taken in captivity to Babylon. After their return to Israel, they were later conquered by the Romans.

5th Seal –Rev. 6:9 – The souls of the Martyrs cry out "how long?". They are given white robes (see Rev. 19:8) and told to wait a little while.
5th Millenium – Christ to AD 1000 – This era covers some of the greatest persecution of the Church.

6th Seal – Rev. 6:12 – There is a great earthquake, the sun and moon are darkened, men try to hide from the wrath of God.
6th Millenium – AD 1000 to AD 2000 – After a high point, the great Reformation beginning in 1517, mankind has declined to the current dark period in which we live. Prophecy tells us that on the Great Day of the Lord, when Jesus sets foot on Earth as Conquering King, there will be a great earthquake (Isaiah 29:6). There were earthquakes at the death of Jesus and at His Resurrection. The great earthquake in the sixth seal may occur at the next great event involving Jesus, when He comes to gather His saints at the Rapture.

7th Seal – Rev. 8:1 – A Heavenly scene is depicted.
7th Millenium – AD 2000 to AD 3000 – The Millenium, the Kingdom Age when Jesus reigns as Prince of Peace and King of Kings.

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