It is apparent that there are several different ways that the Lord has dealt with mankind. These different ages have been called dispensations. Currently, we live in the age or dispensation of Grace. Liberal theologians dismiss these ages, but their existence is obvious. It is thought that there will be a total of seven periods within human history that define seven different ages and relationships between God and Man. Each period ends with a crisis or a great change.

The Age and how it ends:

1) INNOCENCE - Sin of Adam and the Expulsion from the Garden
2) CONSCIENCE - The Flood of Noah
3) HUMAN GOVERNMENT - Confusion of Languages and Dispersion of Peoples
4) PROMISE - Bondage in Egypt
5) LAW - Death of Christ
6) GRACE - Tribulation Period
7) KINGDOM - Close of the Age

Remember the Menorah design of the Golden Lampstand as given to Moses by the Lord. The design is based upon seven branches;

Please note that the seven dispensations form a Menorah design (see my article on The Lord's Golden Lampstand). The fourth "dispensation", in the Servant Lamp position, is the Dispensation of Promise. Also, please note the parallels between the "branches" of the Menorah design:

1 & 7 - Innocence and the Kingdom Age
(Paradise and Paradise regained)

2 & 6 - Conscience and Grace
(Conscience and clear conscience)

3 & 5 - Human Government and Law
(Government without God and government with God)

4 - Age of Promise
(Servant Lamp)

Praise the Name of the Lord for the Wonderful Grace under which we now live.

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