Jesus said that the Psalms where prophetic of Him in Luke 24:44. Dr. J. R. Church, a preacher and writer from Oklahoma City, has developed a theory that the Book of Psalms, which is the 19th book of the Bible, is prophetic of the 1900s, or our century. He believes that each Psalm, beginning with Psalm 1, represents a year in this century as it affects the nation of Israel. For example, Psalm 55 would represent 1955. Brother Church has written a book on the subject entitled Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms. Because the history of events in Israel is sometimes obscure, the book is difficult to follow in many places.

However, if you read through the Psalms, you will find a definite change of tone, from fear to praise. The more apparent events in the history of Israel, both the people and the land, began in the 1930s with the rise of Adolph Hitler through 1948 when Israel became a State. I have listed specific verses that seem to be discussing the Jewish situation at those times.

All references are in The Psalms.
35:7, 35:11-12, 35:15-17, 35:20, 36:1-4, 37:10, 38:19, 39:10, 39:12, 40:12, 41:5, 41:7-8, 42:10, 43:1-2, 44:9-16, 44:22-25, 45:4, 45:6-7, 45:16-17, 46:1, 46:9, 47:9, 48:8, 48:12-13

By the way, in Psalms 48:13 the New International Version speaks of the “next generation”. In Hebrew the word is acharon, which according the Strong means last, as in the last generation.

Perhaps the most fascinating is Psalm 96. In 1996 Israel celebrated “Jerusalem 3000", marking the 3000th anniversary of King David bringing the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. Compare Psalm 96 with First Chronicles 16:23-33, which describes the same event. Each time I discover something like this, I am amazed. And yet, I wonder why I should be amazed at the Word of the Lord. Praise His Name!

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