The Sound of Music

Several decades ago, five missionaries were killed in the jungles of Ecuador. They were killed while attempting to contact a group of people known by other tribes in the area as “naked savages.” The story of the missionaries was broadcast over the entire United States.

After the deaths of these men, the sister of one of the men and the wives of the men went to the “naked savages” and taught them about Jesus. Once they learned the language of the Waodoni, the women heard a remarkable story. The men involved in the deaths of the missionaries told of seeing lots of men dressed in shining white at the time of the killings. (They saw angels coming to welcome home the martyred missionaries!) They also told of a sound that they heard, but could not describe in the vocabulary of their language. Years later, upon hearing a recording of a choir singing a hymn, the natives recognized the glorious sound that they had heard; that is, the angelic choir singing and praising God.

Similarly, the account of the birth of Jesus includes an angel appearing to shepherds, and suddenly with the angel there was the Heavenly Host praising God. (Luke 2:13-14) No wonder the shepherds were impressed.

These stories of Heavenly music and the Heavenly host came to my mind as I read the thirtieth chapter of Isaiah. In the first seventeen verses the prophet tells of how Israel rejected the Lord. Beginning with verse eighteen, the prophet tells us of a future time when, despite their rebellion, the Lord will be gracious to Israel. Though they were blinded, (Romans 11:25) as the Apostle Paul stated, their eyes will see. The Lord will bless them in the day of great slaughter (Isaiah 30:25) and in the day that the Lord binds up the wounds of His people. (Isaiah 30:26)

The day of great slaughter will be the Day when the Lord has had enough and returns to end wickedness on the earth. This sounds like the Day of Armageddon. The wrath and vengeance of the Lord toward the nations that have rebelled against Him is described beginning in verse twenty-seven. He will “sift the nations” and “cause them to err.” (Isaiah 30:28)

Then there is the most remarkable and noteworthy statement from the prophet.

Please note that the Assyrian is frequently used in the Old Testament as a type of End-time world leader. The Lord, through the power of His voice, shall beat the Assyrian (the world leader). Please recall that the Lord created the world by His voice, through His statements. Please review Genesis chapter one.

And every place to which the grounded staff (the appointed staff or rod) goes, every blow which the Lord shall lay upon the Assyrian will be to the sound of tambourines and harps! The Lord will punish the nations and cast them into the pit (Tophet, a type of Hell) to the sounds of Heavenly music!

Just as the victory of the slain missionaries over the efforts of Satan was accompanied by Heavenly music, the Lord will be victorious over the world, accompanied by Heavenly music. And there will be no doubt in the minds of those fighting against the Lord, because they will hear the angelic choir singing praises to God, accompanied by harps and tambourines.

This is so remarkable! Don’t take my word for it! Go back and read the passage from Isaiah again.

Glory to God! May His name be praised always and forever! And may the Lord Jesus come quickly!

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