Satan was described as the model of perfection in Ezekiel 28:12–14. He was described as a created being of great beauty. Isaiah 14:12 is where we get the name “Lucifer” or “shining one”. Because this passage is addressed to the King of Babylon some do not believe it could refer to Satan. Ezekiel 28:12 is addressed to the King of Tyre, but it is clearly describing Satan. This created being is bright and beautiful and desires to usurp the position of God the Father.

Absalom was the son of King David. His story is found in Second Samuel chapters 15 through 18. Absalom was described as the most handsome man in Israel. “From the top of his head to the sole of his foot there was no blemish in him” (II Samuel 14:25). He was perfect. He was also arrogant and desired to usurp the position of David, his father.

Absalom rebelled against his father just as Satan rebelled against God. He attempted to usurp the throne of his father, King David, just as Satan is attempting to usurp the Throne of God. Absalom drove the king and those who served him out of their home in Jerusalem. The result of Satan’s efforts was mankind, whose purpose is to serve God, was driven out of their home in the Garden.

Absalom violated the concubines of King David in public view. Satan, the great counterfeiter, does everything in his power to violate the truth of the Lord through false religions. The end of Absalom’s rebellion occurred in a great battle. There were supernatural forces at work in this battle. “The forest claimed more lives that day than the sword” (II Samuel 18:8). This is reminiscent of a future event in which Satan will be defeated by supernatural forces.

The death of Absalom came as he was caught by the head in the limb of a tree. Absalom was left hanging between Heaven and Earth, and he met his end. If the story of Absalom is a type of the relation between God and Satan, it is an interesting picture of God’s love. Absalom attempted to overthrow David, the father. David’s life had been in jeopardy because of Absalom. But David, as a type of God the Father in this case, wept over the death of his son, Absalom. I believe that God the Father mourns over the loss of Satan, his brightest creation, as described in Ezekiel chapter 28.

What a beautiful picture of the love of God. God is love. Just as David mourned the loss of Absalom, God mourns the loss of those who rebel against Him. Do not rebel against God. May His Wonderful Name be praised forever.

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