The Waters Above

Scripture tells us that the firmament separates the “waters” above from the “waters” below. The previous lesson, in my opinion, shows that the firmament is more than the sky or Sun, Moon and stars. It is a boundary between the physical and spiritual worlds.

In my studies, I found some interesting facts about “The Waters of Genesis.” I was rewarded with the discovery of designs associated with the word “water” as found in Genesis. Actually, the word in the original Hebrew is mayim or “waters” (Strong’s H4325). It is always in the plural and is spelled with the Hebrew letters mem, yod, mem.

According to Jewish scholars the thirteenth letter, mem, designates water or something concealed or revealed. The yod encapsulated between the mems, again according to Jewish scholars, represents creation and the metaphysical. This word gives us a picture of God, who has revealed Himself to us, and yet there is so much that we do not know. It is concealed.

In the Flood account, before the covenant between God and mankind, the word “waters” appears eighteen times, in three groups of six. Six-Six-Six. In the first destruction of the world, the Lord was foreshadowing the second destruction. (Second Peter 3:10,12)

What is interesting, and related to the study of the firmament in the last lesson, is the word “heavens.” In Hebrew the word is shamayim – shin, mem, yod, mem (Strong’s H8064). You may have noted that this is the same word as “waters” with the letter shin added before it. The rabbis say that the shin indicates divine power and provision.

How fitting that the word for heaven includes the word for water, because the Lord explained in Genesis chapter one that there are waters below (on earth) and waters above the firmament.

Also, there are some verses in the Bible to which we do not give proper attention. They speak of the structure of stories, just as we build structures with floors or stories.

The Prophet Amos spoke of the Lord; “[It is] he that buildeth his stories in the heaven.” (Amos 9:6) In the instructions for the Ark, the Lord told Noah, “[with] lower, second, and third [stories] shalt thou make it.” (Genesis 6:16) The Prophet Ezekiel described the Millennial Temple as follows; “The door posts, and the narrow windows, and the galleries round about on their three stories …” (Ezekiel 41:16)

These three-story structures confirm the thought of three levels of the heavens and also conform to the statement of the Apostle Paul about “the third Heaven.” (Second Corinthians 12:2) Once again, Holy Scripture shows us that the Bible is not a miscellaneous collection of fables and legends. Only the Most High God, through His Holy Spirit, could have inserted these many clues found in many places in His Word to answer our questions on the “firmament.”

Our Sovereign Lord deserves all honor and praise, always!

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