Seventy years is the lifespan of man. (Psalm 90:10) The passing of seventy years shows a complete change of society and beliefs. This is not new; it has been occurring for centuries. Only now the change is happening faster. These events from seven decades ago have had a disproportionate influence on our lives and freedoms.

Here are events that occurred in 1948, seventy years ago, and how they have affected our world.

First, the attack on our beliefs:

Next, the global usurpation of national rights:
Then, methods for controlling mankind:
Finally, prophetic milestones:
To those who are younger than seventy years, let me state that the times in which we live are not normal. These listed events from 1948 were the beginning of the process of “boiling the frog,” and we are the frogs.

Personally, I believe the increase in global government, the genetic modification of mankind, scientists seeking to open a portal to the spiritual world at CERN, the elimination of the value of human life through abortion and euthanasia, the willing acceptance of government control over our lives and rights, and the rejection of Godly values and the increase of worship of Satan all point to the nearness of the Day of the Lord.

“Even so, come Lord Jesus!” – Revelation 22:20

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