The Third Millennium

If you read the writings of rabbis and early Church fathers, you will find that they believed in the concept of a Sabbatical Millennium. Both Jews and Christians, who were largely Jewish, thought that the seven days of Creation foreshadowed and would correspond to seven thousand years of human history, or seven millennia.

There are some fascinating pictures in the Bible using the concept of a day being as 1,000 years as stated by Moses (Psalm 90:4) and Peter (Second Peter 3:8).

In Luke 2:42-46 Mary and Joseph went to Jerusalem for the Feast of Passover. You are probably familiar with the story. When they left to go back home they thought Jesus was “with the company” and did not realize He was missing until the end of the day. They returned to Jerusalem to find their son, and did find Him after three days. Mary and Joseph are a type of the Jewish people, searching for the Messiah. They find Him after three (millennial) days. This tells us that the Jews will find Jesus in the third millennium. We are now at the beginning of the third millennium since Jesus was here on earth.

The famous story of Saul on the road to Damascus (Acts 9:3-19) gives us another picture. Saul saw a brilliant light and heard the voice of Jesus. The men with him heard the voice, but saw nothing. As you know, Saul was blinded and the men with him led him to Damascus. Saul stayed at the house of a man named Judas (no one names their child Judas anymore) on the street called Straight. For three days he neither ate nor drank. The Lord sent a brave and faithful man named Ananias to lay his hands on Saul, heal him and give him the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Again, Saul is a type of the Jewish people. He was blind and received no food or water for three (millennial) days. We are now in the third millennium since Jesus and the Jews have been spiritually blinded (Romans 11:25) and have received no spiritual food. They have not received the water of everlasting life offered by Jesus (John 4:13-14). But the story of Saul tells us that they will receive their sight and will receive spiritual food and water in this millennium.

Saul “saw the light” at noon. If a day is a picture of the Tribulation, then Saul, representing the Jews, shows us that they will “see the light” halfway through that period of time. This would be when the Anti-Christ commits the Abomination of Desolation. Then the Jews will slap themselves on the forehead and realize just who this person is, and who he is not.

The Prophet Hosea confirms the restoration of the Jews in the third millennium:

After two days He will revive us; on the third day He will restore us, that we may live in His presence.” - Hosea 6:2

The Holy Bible is a wonderful book. I praise God that we still have it now, even after two (millennial) days.

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