The Third Year

The wonder of the prophecy of the Lord is that it is “multi-layered.” For example, I have written before of my belief that the prophecy of the 70th Week found in Daniel 9:27 could refer to both the 3½ year ministry of Jesus on earth and the final 3½ years of the Tribulation period. The number “three” occurs many times in the Bible in the form of three days and three years. There are some wonderful pictures, or types, or foreshadows involving three years, as noted below.

In searching the Bible for the phrase “the third year” and “after three years” I was surprised by the number of occasions these phrases were found. And many of them present a fascinating picture. Here are some of them:

Quite obviously, I do not know three years after what. I do not know if my theories about the pictures I have shown above are valid. But in Glory, the Lord will explain it all. May His name be praised always!

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