Five Temples

In my studies I have come to realize that there will be a total of five Temples of God built in the City of David. Of course the first was the Temple of Solomon. After the return from the Babylonian captivity, the Second Temple was built under the direction of Zerubbabel.

While the Temple in existence at the time of Jesus is commonly referred to as the Second Temple, the historian Flavius Josephus reports that Herod totally rebuilt that Temple. The Jews at that time were concerned that Herod would tear down the Temple, and not have all that was necessary to rebuild it. Herod “told them he would not pull down their temple till all things were gotten ready for building it up entirely again.” (Antiquities of the Jews, Book XV, Chapter 11) “Herod took away the old foundations, and laid others, and erected the temple upon them …” (ibid.) Therefore, I believe the total rebuilding of the Temple qualifies it as number three.

The Fourth Temple is yet future and will exist during the time known as the Tribulation. It must be there in order for the person generically called the anti-Christ to enter and declare himself to be god. (Second Thessalonians 2:4) This Fourth Temple will not be the Temple of the Millennial Kingdom as described in Ezekiel chapter forty and following. In all probability the Fourth Temple will be destroyed during the conclusion of the Tribulation.

The Millennial Temple will then be the Fifth Temple. It will be constructed during the Millennium by men using the plans provided by the Lord.

These five Temples perfectly fit the pattern of the Torah, the first five books of the Bible. Brother J. R. Church, a minister in Texas, discovered this design several years ago. Here is how the design fits the temples:

  1. Genesis, the first book, is about the beginning and the sin of man. The first Temple built by Solomon was obviously the beginning, and the Lord allowed it to be destroyed because of the sin of the Jews.
  2. Exodus, the second book, describes the deliverance of the Children of Israel. The second Temple was built after the Jews were delivered from the Babylonian captivity.
  3. Leviticus, the third book, is about being sanctified or set apart. The third Temple, built by Herod, was destroyed by the Romans less than five years after it was completed. It was set apart for destruction.
  4. Numbers, the fourth book, describes the testing of the Children of Israel in the wilderness. The fourth Temple, the “last days” Temple, will be in place during the testing in the Tribulation.
  5. Deuteronomy, the fifth book, gives a summary of the wilderness journey and describes entering the Promised Land (the Kingdom). The Millennial Temple will be the Kingdom Temple.
Our God is orderly and in control. It does not surprise me to find patterns and designs such as the one described above. There is so much similar material in the Word of God. Study it and be blessed. Praise the Lord for being orderly and in control, which assures us of His sovereignty!

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