The Seven Letters

The Revelation is so complex. It is no wonder that preachers don’t like to teach from it. The Seven Letters to the Seven Churches are an example of that complexity. A predominate view of these letters is that they represent the history of the Church from the First Century until the End Times. In my studies, I have come upon another perspective.

The many “sevens” of the Revelation appear to be broken down into “fours” and “threes.” Four represents the physical world. The ancients believed the components of the world were earth, wind, fire and water. A better example is the four directions of the compass; north, south, east and west. Three represents the spiritual world. For example; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, or the three parts of Mystery Babylon; spiritual, political, and commercial.

Chapter two of the Revelation contains letters to four Churches, and these letters appear to describe the state of the Church through history from a physical, worldly perspective.

The final three letters are found in chapter three, and could represent the state of the Church in the last days from a spiritual perspective.

Once again, more of the many layers of understanding of the Revelation may have been revealed. The Revelation contains two promises of blessing for those who read it (Revelation 1:3) and those who keep the sayings of its prophecy (Revelation 22:7). Study this wonderful book and be blessed. And pray the final prayer of the book, “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”

May His name be praised forever and ever!

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