The Seven Seals

The Seven Seals of the Revelation are clearly about the redemption of the earth. The Lord Jesus, the Lamb of God, is the only person found worthy (Revelation 5:5-7) to open the seals of the title deed to the world. The deed was relinquished by Adam and was taken up by Satan six millennia ago. Jesus did not deny this when tempted by Satan. (Luke 4:5-8)

The Seals, Trumpets and Bowls of Wrath found in the Revelation appear to be against the three parts of Mystery Babylon; political, commercial and spiritual. The Seven Seals show the Lord’s wrath against Political Babylon, as you will see.

Again, the pattern of four representing the physical and three representing the spiritual is found in the Seven Seals. The first four Seals are clearly military, and therefore of the physical world. In Scripture, horses represent military action. In Old Testament times the harness had not been discovered and horses were not draught animals. They were only used for military purposes. That is why the Lord told Israel to not have horses. (Deuteronomy 17:16) Israel was to depend on the Lord and not on their own military abilities.

The first four Seals are about military action against Political Babylon and the results of that action. Armies kill many people and commandeer provisions. With the decimation of population, wild animals take over. And there is much death. This is described in the four Seals.

The remaining three Seals are about spiritual events. The Fifth Seal is a Heavenly scene where the martyrs of Satan (and Mystery Babylon) are seen under the altar. Beneath the altar is where the blood of the sacrifice is spilled. The martyrs’ blood was spilled, and they cry to the Lord, asking, “How long before you take vengeance for our blood?” This will not be a time of grace. The word “grace” is only found in the first and last chapters of the Revelation.

The Sixth Seal again is about Heavenly, or celestial, events. And mankind tries to hide from the wrath of God. There are seven classifications of men listed; kings, great men, rich men, generals, mighty men, slaves and free men. Seven is the number of completion and this list shows that all men,, the complete population of the earth, attempt to hide from God.

The Seventh Seal again takes place in Heaven. Seven angels are given the Seven Trumpets in preparation for the next series of events. Then an angel takes a golden censer, filled with fire, and casts it down onto the earth. This, again, represents the justified wrath of God.

The Seven Seals appear to be divided into physical and spiritual meanings, again displaying the many layers and complexity of the Word of God. May His name be praised, always!

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