In 2001 I wrote a lesson entitled “Modern Dragons.” I described how we are so modern that we do not believe in spiritual activity such as fire-breathing dragons, but we do believe in “flying saucers.” At that time I reported that many people believed that this phenomena was spiritual in nature. If Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) were from the spiritual realm, that would explain how they can appear and disappear so easily. They simply move from the spiritual to the physical world.

Joe Jordan, who works for a boat manufacturer in Florida, is a man of curiosity, much like many of us. His curiosity about UFOs caused him to join an organization that investigates UFO sightings, etc. Over the years he has become a regular lecturer at the UFO conventions in Roswell, New Mexico. Last year, in July 2008, Mr. Jordan gave a presentation that the average UFO follower did not want to hear.

He pointed out that objects like UFOs have been recorded over the centuries. He noted that their claimed origin has changed over the past decades. In the contacts “aliens” have made with human beings, they first claimed that they came from another planet in our solar system. After exploratory rockets sent by NASA showed no such life existed on other planets, the “aliens” then claimed to be from the solar system of other stars.

In the course of his investigations Joe Jordan was contacted by people claiming to have been abducted by “aliens” from UFOs. Because he treated these unhappy people with respect, his reputation grew as an unbiased investigator.

Just as there are similarities in descriptions of UFO sightings, there are similarities in reported “alien” abductions. Frequently, the claimed abductees report multiple, repeated abductions. The abductions usually involve painful gynecological or reproductive examinations.

I call these “claimed abductions” because how do you prove that they actually occurred?

At the Roswell conference, Mr. Jordan recalled how the “aliens” contended that they were here to help us advance as a civilization. He asked, if they were so advanced that they could travel for light-years, and if they were really here to help us, why do their contacts with humans always seem to involve some sort of sexual probing? He asked why cannot they simply give us the cure for cancer?

Joe Jordan notes that the “aliens” have lied. They lied about their origin, and they lied about their desire to help us. He pointed out that Satan is the father of lies. Jesus said that when Satan lies, he speaks his native language! (John 8:44)

Budd Hopkins, who has written several books on the subject, has interviewed thousands of people who claim to have been abducted by “aliens.” Mr. Hopkins has noted another similarity in “alien” abductions. He notes that UFO abduction victims are exclusively “un-churched.” I think that a better way to describe them is that they are not Christian; they are not covered by the Blood of Jesus.

As a UFO investigator, Joe Jordan one day received a telephone call from someone who claimed that “aliens” had attempted to abduct them, but failed. This person, who was a Christian, called on the name of Jesus, and the “aliens” disappeared.

Since that telephone call Joe Jordan has recorded over 300 cases of Christians stopping an attempted “alien” abduction by calling on the name of Jesus. He also has cases of persons subjected to multiple abductions, who upon becoming a Christian and by claiming the power of the name of Jesus, stopped the ongoing abductions. At the 2008 Roswell convention, Joe Jordan presented twelve people who were willing to come forward on stage with him, and state that as a Christian they were able to stop “alien” abductions, as well as the after-effects of the experience.

Most of the attendees of the convention did not want to hear this. They wanted to hear about “little green men,” or “grays,” or Area 51, or other conspiracy theories. Joe Jordan showed that what has become known as “alien” abduction is simply demonic oppression. And the demons flee at the “Name above all Names,” that is Jesus. I look forward to the Day when His name will be praised by everyone. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord!

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