There are twenty-two letters in the Hebrew alphabet, plus seven letters that have a "final form" when they appear at the end of a word. This is necessary because in Old Testament Hebrew, there were no spaces between the words. The following is list of the letters and their meanings as determined by Jewish rabbis and scholars over hundreds of years:

  1. ALEPH God as Creator and King
  2. BEIT House and Temple
  3. GIMEL Loving kindness and culmination
  4. DALET The door; the way or path
  5. HAY The breath of God; grace
  6. VAV Completion and redemption
  7. ZAYIN Sustenance and struggle; affliction
  8. CHET Trancendence, life and grace
  9. TET Serpent and objective good
  10. YOD Creation and metaphysical
  11. KAF Crowning accomplishment
  12. LAMED Teaching and learning
  13. MEM Water, revealed and concealed
  14. NUN Faithfulness, soul and emergence
  15. SAMECH Support and Divine presence
  16. AYIN Sight and insight
  17. PEH Mouth and speech
  18. TZADDI Righteousness and humility
  19. KOPH Holiness and growth cycles
  20. RESH The wicked
  21. SHIN Divine power and provision
  22. TAV Truth and perfection; judgement
  23. Final KAF (11)
  24. Final MEM (13)
  25. Final NUN (14)
  26. Final PEH (17)
  27. Final TZADDI (22)

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