Alphabetic Designs in the Bible

The Hebrew alphabet contains twenty-two letters. For millennia the rabbis and sages have said that each Hebrew letter has a meaning. Here is a list:

1. ALEPH – God as Creator and King
2. BEIT – House and Temple
3. GIMEL – Loving kindness and culmination
4. DALET – The door; the way or path
5. HAY – The breath of God; grace
6. VAV – Completion and redemption
7. ZAYIN – Sustenance and struggle; affliction
8. CHET – Transcendence, life and grace
9. TET – Serpent and objective good
10. YOD – Creation and metaphysical
11. KAF – Crowning accomplishment
12. LAMED – Teaching and learning
13. MEM – Water, revealed and concealed
14. NUN – Faithfulness, soul and emergence
15. SAMECH – Support and Divine presence
16. AYIN – Sight and insight
17. PEH – Mouth and speech
18. TZADDI – Righteousness and humility
19. KOPH – Holiness and growth cycles
20. RESH – The wicked
21. SHIN – Divine power and provision
22. TAV – Truth and perfection; judgment

There are alphabetic patterns throughout the entire Bible. Chapters one, two and four of the Book of Lamentations consist of twenty-two verses, and the first Hebrew letter of each verse is alphabetic. The “virtuous woman” of Proverbs chapter thirty-one is found in verses ten through thirty-one. That encompasses twenty-two verses and the first letter of each is alphabetic. Several of the Psalms are alphabetic. The most obvious and lengthy example is Psalm 119. It contains twenty-two stanzas of eight verses each, one stanza for each Hebrew letter. Most translations have even noted the name of the Hebrew letter for you at the beginning of the stanza.

Just as Torah and Menorah designs are not limited to the Old Testament, neither are Alphabetic designs. Here are some samplings:

The Gospel of Matthew:
Chapter 2 – BEIT, house and temple. The wise men came to the house where Mary, Joseph and Jesus were staying.
Chapter 3 – GIMEL, loving kindness and culmination. After the baptism of Jesus, the Lord said audibly, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”
Chapter 4 – DALET, door or the way. Jesus calls the first of the disciples to follow Him in the way.
Chapter 9 – TET, objective good. The daughter of the ruler had died, but Jesus used this event to good by returning her to life.
Chapter13 – MEM, concealed and revealed. Jesus gave truths in the form of parables. Some of which He explained to His Disciples.
Chapter 16 – AYIN, sight and insight. “Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.” (Verse 17)
Chapter 17 – PEH, mouth and speech. At the Mount of Transfiguration the Lord spoke.
Chapter 18 – TZADDI, righteousness and humility. “Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” (Verse 4)
Chapter 20 – RESH, the wicked. Jesus describes how He will be betrayed, condemned to death, mocked and flogged by wicked men. (Verses 17-19)

Note: (There are 22 Hebrew letters. The cycle begins again with chapter 23.)

Chapter 24 – BEIT, house and temple. Jesus describes how the Temple will be destroyed.
Chapter 25 – GIMEL, loving kindness and culmination. The entire chapter speaks of the Coming Kingdom, which is the culminating event of the history of man.
Chapter 27 – HAY, the breath of God. With a loud cry, Jesus gave up His Spirit. (Verse 50)
Chapter 28 – VAV, completion and redemption. The Great Commission is found in this chapter.

The Gospel of Mark:
Chapter 11 – KAF, crowning accomplishment. The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.
Chapter 12 – LAMED, teaching and learning. The Greatest Commandment.
Chapter 13 – MEM, revealed and concealed. The Olivet Discourse where Jesus reveals what is to happen to the Temple and Jerusalem.
Chapter 16 – AYIN, sight and insight. Count how many times the sight-related words see, saw, seen, appeared, looked and looking occurs in these verses. – Mark 16:4-14

The Book of the Revelation:
Chapter 4 – DALET, door or the way. John sees a door standing open.
Chapter 13 – MEM, water and concealed or revealed. The Beast is revealed by rising out of the water.

I challenge you to look for these designs. It is rewarding in two ways; one way is that you will find these meanings for yourself, and the other is that you will find many other amazing insights as you search.

I thank the Lord for His Holy Word that we have received today which contain these various patterns (Torah, Menorah, Alphabetic). They are the imprimatur of God or His signature, showing His distinct mark of approval to publish His Word for all to see. They demonstrate in an amazing way that God is in control of His Word and this world.

May His Name be praised now and forever!

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