The Amazon – Part Three

The similarities between the Yanomamö tribes of Venezuela and the Waodoni tribes of Ecuador are interesting. And yet we should not be surprised. Both of these groups of people, and many others around the world, are under the oppression of Satan. They wear no clothes and mark and mutilate their bodies. This pleases Satan, who hates man.

The cultures of both the Yanomamö and the Waodoni are based on fear and revenge. Their “chiefs” are shamans or witch doctors. The shamans connect with their spirits by the use of drugs, and demonic spirits control them. If someone dies in one village, the villagers blame the people of another village. Then they go to that village and kill someone in revenge. This then causes the second village to return the action.

Until the Christian missionaries came to the Amazonian jungles, there were no grandparents. Because of the culture of hate, killing and revenge, they simply did not live long enough to see grandchildren. This still goes on in the jungle, but those natives who have become Christian now are seeing their grandchildren.

Recently, prayer was requested for Bautista, a former shaman who is suffering from an old-age malady. He is simply growing old, a problem previously unknown to the Yanomamö. Bautista is also known as Chief Shoe Foot, because he likes to wear shoes in a barefoot culture. Bautista also likes to wear clothes, in a culture of no clothes. This Christian Brother is critical of those who say the natives should be left alone, to be primitive and naked. He asks, “Do they think we like being naked and getting insect bites?” (For Bautista’s testimony please click HERE.)

These people living in primitive conditions still have a sense of morality. They know right from wrong. They know it is wrong to steal or kill, although killing is frequently rationalized as being justified. I am reminded of the words of the Apostle Paul:

We have many Christian Brothers and Sisters in the Amazonian jungles. It is all due to the dedication and perseverance of missionaries who left all behind to teach the natives about Jesus. They have suffered hardship and the loss of loved ones. (Oh, and did I mention snakes!) May the Lord richly bless them. Praise His name, always!

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