Megaliths in America

The United States has been blessed with great natural resources, vast expanses of arable land, and a natural transportation system of rivers before mechanized transport. We have been the “Breadbasket of the World.” The original settlers of America based their communities and their state constitutions on the Bible. Until recently most state constitutions required a person to be a Christian in order to hold public office. The Founding Fathers, for all their human faults, structured our nation on Biblical principles.

The discovery of America was orchestrated by the Lord God. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain financed the voyage of Christopher Columbus. The king and queen of Spain and Columbus were imperfect human beings. But before he left for his voyage of discovery, he and the king and queen fell to their knees and prayed for the people that Columbus would find, that they might receive the Gospel of Jesus!

North America, and the United States in particular, is a blessed land. We have the natural barriers of two oceans and the great polar expanse of the north. The United States has never been militarily attacked. The destruction of September 11th was one of several terrorist attacks.

The Christian Church in the United States has been the source of multitudes of missionaries who went around the world to give the Gospel to those who had not had the opportunity to hear it. It was the power and wealth of the United States that, with the Lord’s direction, stopped the advance of Hitler and the Emperor of Japan during World War Two.

We have been a blessing to the world, through the blessings of God.

In the past I have dismissed the importance of America because I suspected that my opinions were “Amero-centric” because I live in the United States. But I have come to the conclusion that America is important to the Lord’s plan. The Devil knew the importance to God of the Promised Land of Israel, and in my opinion he knew the importance of America. The Devil, Satan, the Dragon, wishes to obstruct the United States and the blessings of God that it is able to give to the world.

This explains the demonic turmoil and insanity that we are experiencing today. The hatred expressed by congressional “leaders” is not natural. The concept of “gender fluidity” is insane. The efforts to control a free people are demonic. The Devil is all about control. Not only is our freedom at risk, but the status of the United States as a blessing to other lands is at risk.

I recently became aware of a fact that helped me to understand the Lord’s plan for America. There is a little-known megalithic structure called “America’s Stonehenge” in New Hampshire. It consists of standing-stones arranged in the circle, about four-hundred, fifty feet in diameter. The standing-stones mark celestial events in alignment with a central megalithic structure. The site has been carbon-dated to about 4000 B.C., the time of Abraham.

By using Google Earth, the Summer Solstice standing-stone at America’s Stonehenge is found to be aligned with Stonehenge in England. Other standing-stones at the site are aligned with the Great Serpent Mound in Ohio, the megalithic Machu Picchu in Peru, and the Great Pyramid in Egypt. In order for these alignments to take place, this site had to be specifically chosen.

This, of course, raises all kinds of questions. Who built this? How were they able to align this location with so many other ancient, megalithic structures? Are these structures related?

A clue has been found. Several years ago a stone about the size of a large platter was found on the property. There were inscriptions on the stone that no one could interpret. The stone lay in the America’s Stonehenge Museum for eleven years before it was seen by Dr. Barry Fell of Harvard University. Dr. Fell recognized the writing as Iberian-Punic and was able to translate it. Here is the translation:

“To Baal of the Canaanites in dedication.”

Remember, our struggle is not with flesh and blood, but with principalities, powers and rulers of darkness in the spiritual realm. (Ephesians 6:12) Baal is a name of a real, evil, spiritual entity (referenced sixty-three times in the Bible) that hates the Lord Jehovah and hates human beings. There, then, is the connection between these various ancient, megalithic structures around the world. It is a spiritual connection. These many structures were built by Baal-worshippers, even here in the United States.

Just as the Devil placed giants in the Promised Land before the Children of Israel came (please see Numbers 13:33), he placed pagan structures around the world, and a special one in America. America’s Stonehenge appears to be the central pagan site, connected through astronomical alignment with many, if not all, such sites around the world. Some have called it the Axis Mundi, the center of the world.

To me, personally, this confirmed the importance of the United States. The Devil, the great counterfeiter, placed demonic places of worship here in the U.S. to mark his place, because the Lord God had and has great plans for our nation.

Pray for America! Although the United States as a nation has turned its back on the Lord, pray for the Grace of God to be given to us. Pray that the King of Heaven will grant us Truth, Justice and Peace through His wonderful, merciful, long-suffering Grace. May He smother the spirits of anger, hate, division and violence that is infecting our land. May the victory be the Lord’s, and may His wonderful name receive all the praise and glory!

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