The Great Spiritual Battle Ė Part Two

There was rebellion in Heaven. The Devil rebelled against God.

It is thought that one-third of the uncounted millions of angelic beings rebelled against the Lord.

When the Devil rebelled, the Lord was not surprised. He had a Plan. The rebellion of the Devil occurred before the creation of the world in which we live. In fact, our physical world is part of the Plan of God. We, who are the Children of God, are also His servants. We play a part in the Lordís grand Plan.

The Loss of Godís Most Beautiful Created Being

Why did not the Most High God just destroy the rebellious created beings? He created them. Surely, He could un-create them. The reason is because of the wonderful, loving, patient, merciful and gracious nature of God. God is not just gracious, merciful and patient with us. His nature applies to all of His created beings. Praise His name!

For example, the Lord mourns the loss of His brightest, most beautiful created being, the Devil. We know this because of the story of King David and Absalom, his son who sought to usurp his father. (Second Samuel chapters fifteen through eighteen.) The human characters in this story represent a picture of God and the Devil, who seeks to usurp the throne of the Lord.

The connection between the Devil and Absalom is found in Second Samuel 14:25:

ďBut in all Israel there was none to be so much praised as Absalom for his beauty.Ē
The Devil was the most beautiful of all the Lordís created beings; Absalom was the most beautiful man in Israel.

Absalom rebelled against his father. David, the warrior king, left Jerusalem to avoid bloodshed in the city. When the opposing forces met, the battle was supernatural. The forest claimed more lives that day than the sword. (Second Samuel 18:8) Absalom was killed and his body thrown in a pit, just as the Devil will be for one-thousand years. (Revelation 20:3) When Absalom was killed, David mourned greatly, as does the Lord mourn for the loss of the Devil, in my opinion.

In review, the most beautiful of the Lordís created beings rebelled against Him. Bible scholars believe one-third of the created beings we call angels followed the Devil. This occurred before the creation of the world in which we live. But the all-knowing Lord had a plan.

To be continued . . .

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