How To Be Blessed

This is the time of year that Christian ministries depend on for financial support. I suspect that you receive such solicitations in your mailbox daily. The Bible teaches us to be generous, particularly to widows and orphans.

Because people are so touchy about money, ministers are frequently reluctant to preach about giving. However, by not teaching the important subject of stewardship, they can cause their congregations to miss out on great blessings. One definition of a “steward” is someone who has been given responsibility over something, or someone. Christian stewardship involves your utilization of what you have been given, whether talent, time or money.

Since I am not asking you for money, I am free to point out a basic principle of the Lord. That principle is “What and how much you reap, or receive, is directly proportional to what you sow and how much you sow.”

If you sow corn seed, do not expect to reap acres of beans. But whatever you sow, such as murder and hatred or love and joy, you will receive the same. If you are generous, you will receive the same. This is true in agriculture; it is true in your behavior; and it is true in Christian stewardship.

Here is what the Word says about this subject:

This last verse is my favorite, spoken by the Lord Jesus Himself, confirming the principle of “what you sow, you will reap.” This is how to be blessed – be a blessing to others.

Praise the Lord for His many and abundant gifts to His children!

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