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The House of God - Part Five

In December 2011 Eli Shukron, an Israeli archaeologist, discovered a room beneath the City of David. In this room was a pillar, much like the pillar erected by Jacob at Beth El. There also was a small olive press to make olive oil to anoint the stone pillar, just as Jacob did at Beth El. Also on the bedrock floor of this room were strange markings that puzzled the archaeologists.

Photo courtesy of Biblical Archaeological Society
Eli Shukron inspecting the mysterious markings

Photo courtesy of Alan Turner
The Rock Pillar found beneath the City of David.

Photo by author
The small olive press in the special room.

Remember the importance of the Gihon Spring to Temple worship? This special room is located within thirty feet of that spring. It could have been in close proximity of the Temple.

The solution to the mystery of the hidden room will (in my opinion) be revealed next week. Until then, praise the Lord for His wisdom and the revealing of this special place.

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