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The House of God – Part Six

In November 2015 a visitor to the special room found beneath the City of David thought that the strange markings were Paleo-Hebrew letters that said, “Beth El, or House of God.” This was recently confirmed by Dr. William Welty, PhD., a respected figure in the world of ancient Biblical languages.

Photo courtesy of Chris Tucker

Dr. Welty, in his opinion, believes the markings say, “Beth El,” or House of God.

This could even be the place where Melchizedek, king of Salem (later known as Jerusalem) and priest of God Most High, met Abram (later renamed Abraham) after Abram rescued Lot. The archaeologists think that this room may be old enough.

This seems to indicate that the special place with the ancient stone pillar, the olive press and Hebrew letters marking it as the House of God is indeed a holy place. I believe this room is a marker.

This special place includes symbols of the “Godhead” or “Trinity.”

It is all there in this one special place that, I believe, is a marker beneath the location of Solomon’s Temple.

This special and holy place is believed to have been carefully filled with layers of dirt and gravel. I believe this was done to preserve it for a generation to come, so that they could find it intact. (Psalm 102:18, Hebrew acharon; hindermost, last) Therefore, the last generation.

This, I believe, is God’s Plan; to have a place created that would be underground to escape the destruction of Jerusalem by both the Babylonians and the Romans, and to be a marker telling us where the House of God was located.

The conclusion in the next lesson. Praise the Lord for His mercy, grace, and His Plan!

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