The Boldness of Mystery Babylon

Babylon is the source of many of the pagan myths that still influence people today. Nimrod, the father, and his wife Semiramis, the mother, began the Mother Goddess myth. The Mother Goddess myth is found in many pagan lands and cultures and always is illustrated with the mother holding her infant child, the son of Nimrod. The child’s name is Tammuz and his birthday is celebrated at the Winter solstice which was December 25th under the old Julian Calendar. Does this sound familiar?

We know that the source of rebellion is Satan, and he is the great counterfeiter. He created a three-part rebellion to counter the three-part Godhead of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This three-part rebellion is described in the Bible as Mystery Babylon. The three parts are Spiritual Babylon, Political Babylon and Commercial Babylon. The Lord has spoken against all three in His Word.

Mystery Babylon is still with us today. Political, Spiritual and Commercial Babylon all flourish and are still intertwined. New York City could be the seat of this rebellion. The United Nations Building is a type of the Tower of Babel. Every language in the world is spoken and translated there. The United Nations is a good example of Political Babylon, where the empire-building desire of Nimrod (the first king) is continued today in an effort to consolidate all countries under the power of the United Nations.

Greater London, England has a population of seven million or more, contains several municipalities and covers many square miles. The City of London, known as “the City,” is one square mile. The City contains all of the major banking institutions of the world, including American banks. Lloyd's of London, which insures most of international shipping, is in the City. Also, please note that the legendary guardians of the City of London are Gog and Magog. In the old guildhall, a kind of city hall, in the City of London are statues of Gog and Magog in the form of Roman soldiers.

New York and London are certainly influential in world commerce and politics. Now we see that they have spiritual importance, also. It has been announced that reproductions of the arched gateway to the Temple of Baal will be built in New York and London. This will be a joint venture between Harvard University, the University of Oxford and Dubai’s Museum of the Future. The United Nations is honoring this pagan edifice as part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Week.

The machinations of Mystery Babylon used to be done in secret societies and exclusive clubs. Now, they are so bold as to flaunt their pagan intentions before the world. And where else but New York and London? The evil of Mystery Babylon will flourish and grow until the Lord runs out of patience and brings it to an ignominious end.

May the Lord be praised for His wonderful patience!

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