Moral Compass

Our culture has been indoctrinated with the idea of “moral relevance.” Our society says truth is not absolute, but is relevant. The result of this indoctrination is evident. Moral standards and our culture are declining.

Scripture tells us that all mankind has a built-in moral compass. The Apostle Paul says that men without the benefit of the Law “show the work of the Law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and . . . [their] thoughts accusing or else excusing [them].” (Romans 2:14-15) So, despite the daily barrage from our public schools (which teach the tenants of secular humanism) and various forms of media, mankind knows right from wrong.

This was made clear in the recent disclosure of the extra-marital affairs of Tiger Woods. Tiger was a celebrity and admired by almost everyone. But now when he appears in public, he wears dark glasses and a sweatshirt with a hood to hide his face. If extra-marital affairs are acceptable in our society, why is Tiger ostracized? Obviously, it is because of mankind’s moral compass. The transgressions of Tiger Woods were just too conspicuous, and everyone knew they were wrong.

This raises questions about our society and its “moral relevance.” If our culture really knows right from wrong, how does it justify its immoral behavior? It becomes obvious that the followers of the philosophy of moral relevance know better, but make the clear choice to behave in an immoral manner. Whether acknowledged or not, this is sin.

The scripture quoted above is part of a longer theme on mankind’s responsibility for its behavior. Paul concludes this passage in Romans by stating that this will take place on the day when the Lord judges men’s secrets. It corresponds to the Revelation 20:12-13, which describes books being opened and the dead being judged.

This is not an idle exercise by a bored Creator. The Lord will judge all mankind not covered by the Blood of Jesus. Those who never had the opportunity to hear the Gospel will apparently be judged on their innate knowledge of right and wrong. A native, living at the time of Jesus in the jungles of the Amazon, will be judged by how he followed his “moral compass.”

All of mankind has a moral compass, and all of mankind who do not belong to the Lord will be judged. Praise the Lord for Jesus and the blood of the Lamb of God. Our sins have been paid for and covered by Jesus. May those who are relying on “moral relevance” hear this Truth and accept this marvelous and unfathomable gift. May the Lord’s name be praised forever!

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