Recently I found more scripture showing how we Gentiles are an insertion in the Plan of God. He chose the Israelites and will fulfill His promises to them. Actually, it is not Gentiles, but the Church specifically that is an insertion in the Plan. This idea looks like this:

Israelites - the Church - Israelites

Of course, the Plan of God does not merely revolve around the Children of Israel. They were chosen to be the Lord’s representatives here on Earth. The Lord’s Plan actually goes back to the Garden of Eden and the Fall of Man. God was not surprised when man sinned. He knew it would happen and it was part of His Plan. Satan, the most beautiful created being 1, rebelled against the Lord. Satan’s defeat is part of the Plan. When man fell, God told us that the seed of the woman (Jesus) would crush Satan 2. The defeat of Satan is described in the concluding book of God’s Word 3. This gives us this outline:

Satan - Israelites - the Church - Israelites - Satan

The Plan of God also does not revolve around the defeat of Satan. Our Heavenly Father, the Creator of All, created our world and our universe. He loves us and He loves His creation. When the Apostle John said, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son 4 ” the Greek word for “world” is cosmos. The Lord loves the Cosmos and all that is in it. This, then is the final outline of His plan:

Cosmos - Satan - Israelites - the Church - Israelites - Satan - Cosmos

The Plan of God goes from the original Creation, to setting Satan up for defeat, to choosing the Children of Israel, to saving the Church through Jesus, to fulfilling His promises to the Children of Israel, to the defeat of Satan, to the creation of the new Heavens and new Earth.

You may have noticed that this forms a Menorah design 5 of sorts. And right in the center, in the servant lamp position, is the Church, saved by Jesus. Praise His name always!

1 - Ezekiel 28:12b-13

2 - Genesis 3:14-15

3 - The Revelation 20:10

4 - John 3:16, of course

5 - Please see

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