The Blood Covenant

Today there is little taught or discussed about an exciting principle found in the Bible and directly applicable to all Believers. Brother Richard Booker wrote The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread in 1981. He has uncovered for us the wonderful concept of the Blood Covenant. This principle of the Blood Covenant is found in ancient cultures and societies all around the world.

According to Brother Booker in his book The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread, there are nine components of a Blood Covenant though they may not take place in the exact order of this listing:

  1. Exchanging of coats or robes
    “What is mine, is yours.”
  2. Removing and exchanging (weapons) belts
    “Anyone attacking you, attacks me.”
  3. Cutting the covenant
    A sacrificial animal is split in half meaning - “May this happen to me if I break my word.”
  4. Cutting of hands and intermingling of blood
    Becoming "Blood Brothers"
  5. Exchanging of names by incorporating part of their name
    Each is now included in the family of the other
  6. The wound of the hand is not allowed to heal properly, thereby creating a scar
    The scar shows that you are under a covenant, and “anyone attacking you is also attacking me”
  7. The covenant terms are exchanged
    Again, “What is mine, is yours, including family, all assets and liabilities.”
  8. A memorial meal is eaten
    In place of the animal and blood, bread and wine are shared with each other
  9. A tree is planted and sprinkled with the blood of the sacrifice
    A long-lasting memorial of the covenant
The principle of the Blood Covenant was probably revealed first to Adam and Eve and, later, to their children. We know that Abel offered a blood sacrifice. And the first thing Noah did when he left the Ark was offer a blood sacrifice. This, of course, was long before the covenant between the Lord and Abram or even the Passover Lamb which are usually two of the pictures that come to mind when we hear of a blood covenant.

Like the steps of the Jewish Wedding Ceremony, the Blood Covenant is not always outlined step-by-step in the Bible, but the principle elements are clearly there when you look for them. And now that those elements have been uncovered, we will share more examples in the Bible of this exciting concept, how they are important provisions for Christians of today, including how we have already participated in such covenants. These will follow.

For now, praise the Lord for the greatest Blood Covenant in the Word of God. Praise Him for the atoning blood of the Lord Jesus! Praise the name of Jesus!

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