Biblical Covenants

My recent study of Biblical Covenants was inspired by an article written by Arnold Fruchtenbaum, a brilliant Christian Brother who is Jewish. There is much to be learned from the covenants made between the Lord and the people of the earth.

There are eight covenants found in the Bible:

  1. Edenic Covenant
  2. Adamic Covenant
  3. Noahic Covenant
  4. Abrahamic Covenant
  5. Mosaic Covenant
  6. Land Covenant
  7. Davidic Covenant
  8. New Covenant
Only two of these covenants are conditional; that is, the Lord attached conditions to the agreement. The remaining six covenants are unconditional, meaning the Lord attached no conditions to the agreement. The two conditional covenants are the Edenic Covenant and the Mosaic Covenant. These covenants are no longer in force.

Here is a summary of the covenants in chronological order:

The Edenic Covenant

The Lord blessed Adam and Eve. He instructed them to be fruitful and fill the earth. They were given dominion over the animals. He gave them every fruit, nut and herb for food. (Genesis 1:28-30) He then placed them in the Garden of Eden to tend it. They were told that they could eat of the fruit of any of the trees, except the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. If they ate that fruit, they would die. (Genesis 2:15-17)

When, at the deception of the Devil, they ate that forbidden fruit, they transgressed the covenant the Lord made with them. (Hosea 6:7) The Edenic Covenant ceased to be in effect.

The Adamic Covenant

As a result of their transgression of the Edenic Covenant, the Lord commanded a different covenant with the serpent, the woman, and mankind in that order. The serpent was cursed and warned that the seed of the woman would ultimately bruise or break the serpent’s head. The woman was told that she would have difficulty in childbirth, and in related subjects. The man, Adam, was told that he would no longer just gather fruits to eat, but that the earth was cursed and thorns and thistles would grow up, and man would have to sweat in order to gather food to eat. (Genesis 3:19) Mankind would continue to only eat herbs, fruits and nuts, but he would have to “work for his living.” Lastly, the Lord told man that he would physically die and return to the dust out of which he was made.

The Adamic Covenant, sadly, is still in force. Because of the rebellion of Adam, representing mankind, the Lord gave certain conditions under which we must live.

I will continue my study of the Biblical covenants. There is much for us to learn here. Understanding the covenant under which we live will help us to understand more of the Word of God. May His name be praised always and ever!

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