Crowning King Solomon

Although the Bible does not give the date of the death of King David, Jewish tradition says that he was born and died on the Day of Pentecost. David had chosen Solomon to be his successor. But as he approached death another son, Adonijah, basically declared himself king. (First Kings 1:24-25)

King David instructed three faithful men to take Solomon “down to Gihon” (spring), anoint Solomon, blow the shofar (Strong’s H7782) and say, “God save King Solomon.” (First Kings 1:33-35)

Here is the sequence of events as given in Scripture. Solomon was placed on David’s personal mule and was taken down to the Gihon Spring. Then Zadok the priest took a horn of oil from the Tabernacle. David had built the Tabernacle for the Ark of the Covenant. (First Chronicles 15:1-3) This implies that the Tabernacle was adjacent to the Gihon Spring. Within thirty feet of the Gihon Spring is the ancient worship site discovered in December 2011. For more information please see Where the Lord Chose to Place His Name.

For reasons known only to the Lord, this special worship site is not mentioned in Scripture. I have speculated that it is because the Lord did not wish for its location to be known until the time He desired. The Lord declared this worship site to be the “House of God.” I believe it is holy to Him. I suspect that He does not want all the conflict that transpires on the traditional Temple Mount to take place at this ancient worship site, so it remains anonymous.

Dr. Eli Shukron, the Israeli archaeologist who discovered the site, believes it to be old enough to be where Melchizedek, King of Salem and priest of the Most High God, worshipped God. And Solomon was crowned king at that location. All the people of Jerusalem rejoiced so loudly that the earth shook.

By the way, when the friends of Adonijah heard the sound they were puzzled and stopped celebrating. Then a messenger told them of the crowning of Solomon, and all the guests fled! They could not be associated with a usurper.

There are several reasons to believe, in my opinion, that Solomon built the Temple above this special worship site. Many of these are included in the link shown above. This was a special place to Solomon because it was there he was crowned King of Israel. I believe this place marks the location of Solomon’s Temple, many feet above it. If this is so, the Millennial Temple of the Lord Jesus will be built at this very same special site. Praise His name!

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