Peter’s Confirmation

The phrase “Day of the Lord” occurs twenty-three times in the Bible and is the subject of much speculation as to the period of time it describes. Some believe the “day of the Lord” refers to the specific day the Lord sets foot on the Mount of Olives as described in Zechariah 14:4. Others believe it refers to the entire period of time known as the “Great Tribulation.”

I believe that the Tribulation, the Return of Jesus, and the Millennium are all part of the Day of the Lord. Here is why:

The Word of God is the best source of definition for Biblical subjects. In this case, the Apostle Peter clarifies the term “Day of the Lord” for us. In Second Peter, the Apostle is specifically speaking of the “Last Days.”

Then in the same chapter Peter defines “one day with the Lord is as a thousand years.” (Second Peter 3:8) Peter continues the theme of scoffers saying the Day of the Lord is not coming by stating that “the Lord is not slack concerning His promises,” and then again referring to the Day of the Lord. (Second Peter 3:9-10)

It appears to me that the Apostle Peter is defining the Day of the Lord as a one-thousand year period of time. Of course, this meshes perfectly (and why would it not?) with the one-thousand year period which is clearly indicated six times in the Revelation chapter 20.

A one-thousand year period of time is called a millennium. We just recently celebrated the beginning of a new millennium. The one-thousand year period described in the Revelation is referred to as The Millennium, and will be a time of peace and harmony on earth because Satan is locked up.

Christians intuitively know, even though we cannot see, that there is a struggle going on around us. The Lord’s wonderful angels watch over us and our children to protect us from the evil that surrounds us in this world. I am convinced of the Lord’s protection over His children. This struggle has been going on since the deception of Adam and Eve. According to Bible chronology, that has been about six thousand years.

Following the clear example given by the Lord in Genesis chapter one, the Lord and His angels will struggle with Satan and his angels for six days, or six thousand years. Then the Lord will rest. Satan will be locked up, and there will be rest.

The Apostle Peter says that seventh day will come, despite the scoffers. My prayer is that it comes soon.


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