Heptadic Designs

The mind of the Lord is so much more powerful than what we can even conceive. There is more evidence of the Hand of the Lord in the writing of the Bible. A Heptadic Design is a design based upon the number seven. But rather than a group of seven items as in a Menorah Design, a Heptadic Design contains the number seven. Dr. Ivan Panin, a Christian and mathematician who died in 1942, discovered over three hundred “Heptadic Designs” in God’s Word.

In the Greek version of the New Testament, in the first sixteen verses of the first book, Matthew, there is a Heptadic Design. The first sixteen verses are the genealogy of Jesus. If you were to create a fictitious genealogy of forty-two generations, as in these sixteen verses, the probability of the number of words in your fictitious genealogy being divisible by seven with no remainder is one chance in seven. You probably would have to go back and fudge a little to make the number come out to a multiple of seven. You might have to rewrite it to add or delete a word or two.

In the Greek, in the genealogy of Jesus as found in Matthew 1:1-16, the number of words is a multiple of seven. So is the number of generations (6 x 7 = 42). But that is not all!

In the Greek, the number of words, the number of generations, the number of letters, the number of vowels, the number of consonants, the number of words beginning with a vowel, the number of words beginning with a consonant, the number of words that occur more than once, the number of words that occur in more than one form, the number of words that occur in only one form, the number of nouns and the total vocabulary are all multiples of seven. There are more that I have not listed. The probability of just the items I have listed occurring by chance is one in 1,977,326,743! That is almost one in two billion. How do like those odds?

I thank Brother Chuck Missler (http://www.khouse.org) for this fascinating information.

This design cannot be by chance or accident. It is by divine design. Remember, Dr. Panin discovered over three hundred such designs. I am convinced that there is not a name, a date, a number or even a word in the Bible that is there by chance or coincidence.

To the Creator of the universe, placing Heptadic Designs or Alphabetic Designs or Menorah Designs in His Word is like we mere humans creating a crossword puzzle. As one Brother says, “You need help NOT to believe the Bible is divinely inspired.”

The God of Creation, the God who inspired the writing of the Bible, changes not. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. And He is still in control. Praise His Name!

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