Sabbatical Designs

This is a pattern that I discovered while reading the Gospel of John. The seventh chapter of John takes place during the Feast of Tabernacles. This feast is a prophetic picture of the Sabbatical or Seventh Millennium, and because it occurred in the seventh chapter of John this became a clue.

A review of the seven days of Creation displays the themes of these days:
Day 1 – The Beginning or The Light of God
Day 2 – Separation or Duality
Day 3 – The Land or Fruitfulness (Twice Blessed)
Day 4 – Lights and Signs
Day 5 – Non-Land Creatures (Picture of spiritual things?)
Day 6 – Mankind and His Actions (Twice Blessed)
Day 7 – Rest or Reprieve

As with other patterns and designs, some are easier to determine than others. The themes of Day 1, Day 4 and Day 7 are the easiest for me to see. Here are some examples from the Torah:
Genesis 7 – Reprieve – Noah and his family saved from the Flood
Genesis 11 (7+4) – A Sign – the Tower of Babel
Genesis 14 (7+7) – Reprieve – Abram rescues Lot
Genesis 15 (7+7+1) – Beginning – The Lord makes a covenant with Abram
Genesis 18 (7+7+4) – A Sign – Sarah is told she will give birth to Isaac
Genesis 28 (7+7+7+7) – Reprieve – Jacob escapes the wrath of his brother, Esau
Genesis 29 (7+7+7+7+1) – Beginning – Jacob marries Leah and Rachel and begins his family
Genesis 36 (7+7+7+7+7+1) – Beginning – Esau begins the Edomites, enemies of Israel
Genesis 42 (7+7+7+7+7+7) – Reprieve – Jacob’s sons get food from Egypt
Exodus 4 – A Sign – Moses is given signs to show pharaoh
Exodus 11(7+4) – A Sign – The final plague against Egypt
Exodus 14 (7+7) – Reprieve – The pursuing Egyptian army is destroyed
Exodus 29 (7+7+7+7+1) – Beginning – Aaron and his sons are consecrated
Exodus 32 (7+7+7+7+4) – A Sign – The Golden Calf
Exodus 35 (7+7+7+7+7) – Rest – Sabbath regulations are given
Exodus 36 (7+7+7+7+7+1) – Beginning – Work on the Tabernacle is begun

The patterns in the Word often help us to understand the Scripture. Torah Designs and Sabbatical Designs help me understand Ezekiel chapters 36 through 40:
................Torah Design/Sabbatical Design
Ezekiel 36 Beginning / Beginning – The beginning of redemption for Israel
Ezekiel 37 Deliverance / Separated – The Dry Bones are resurrected, Israel set apart
Ezekiel 38 Sanctified / The Land – Gog is set apart to be punished for invading The Land
Ezekiel 39 Wilderness / Signs – Gog dies in the wilderness as a sign to Israel – “then they shall know that I [am] the LORD their God” (Ezekiel 39:28)
Ezekiel 40 Summary / Spiritual Things? – The Millennial Temple

I encourage you to search the Scripture using the patterns I have described. It is like a treasure hunt, but with infinite more blessings. Let me know what you have found. I anxiously await. In the meantime, may the Lord be praised for His wonderful Bible.

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