Mister Eternity

Through the wonder of satellite television, on December 31, 1999 many of us watched the Millennial celebrations around the world as they occurred. I particularly remember the fireworks display over the harbor of Sydney, Australia. At the conclusion of the spectacular fireworks, the television camera zoomed in on the bridge over the harbor. There, written in lights on the structure of the bridge in Copperplate type-style, was the word “Eternity.” My wife and I looked at each other in disbelief. There, on the cusp of a new millennium, was the word ETERNITY displayed for all the world to see. Why would a secular event display what might be a spiritual message? It is estimated that over two billion people saw this display on the Sydney Harbour bridge.

Sydney Harbour - December 31, 1999

I later found the story behind the exhibition of "Eternity" on the bridge. It is a wonderful story, and I publish it again for those who have more recently joined my mailing list. This story demonstrates the mighty power of God and how He works through the most undistinguished people. The power of God is shown in the life of Arthur Stace, a man without any of the advantages normally ascribed to influential people.

Brother Stace was born to alcoholic parents. He and his sisters stole food to feed themselves as children. He became a ward of the state at age twelve. He was not an imposing man, being only five feet, three inches tall. His sisters became prostitutes and he became a criminal. Because of his small size he was an excellent “lookout man” for thieves. He became an alcoholic himself. These are not the credentials of a man that the people of this world would consider important. But the Lord does not depend on credentials. “... for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” (Second Corinthians 12:9)

The following are excerpts from a book written by Keith Dunstan:

Arthur Stace posing for the Daily Telegraph - 1956

Later, the City of Sydney honored Arthur Stace as the Man of the Millennium and during the Millennial celebrations placed his one-word message on the bridge over Sydney Harbour for all the world to see. The Lord used a small, unimportant man to present the message of Eternity to a large part of the world. We all have a part in the Lord's great plan. How wonderfully He used the faithfulness of Arthur Stace. We should consider how the Lord can use us.

I look forward to meeting Brother Stace in Glory.

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