Christmas Foreshadow

In the Western world I suspect that Christmas is the most favorite season of all. In each of us, Christmas invokes memories of happy, delightful times. As a child, I loved Christmas. I loved the bright lights and decorations. I loved the Christmas catalogues with Lionel electric trains. I loved the candies, cookies and gifts. I still do.

Music is important in all facets of life. Christmas music brings memories of that most pleasant holiday. Just thinking of O Little Town of Bethlehem, or O Come All Ye Faithful, or The Little Drummer Boy, or We Wish You a Merry Christmas, or a dozen other tunes heard almost exclusively at Christmastime brings back nostalgic, pleasant memories.

The ideal Christmas holiday would include a fresh snow. There is something very special about a crisp winter morning with a fresh snow. The snow deadens the sounds and creates a unique atmosphere. The quietness and undisturbed snow-covered scenery is enchanting. All this combined with the warmth, joy and fellowship of Christmas makes it a very special time.

Despite the efforts of the world to eliminate Jesus from Christmas, Jesus is the very reason why Christians consider Christmastime so very special. Although there is no evidence that the Lord Jesus was born on December 25th, we Christians still love this time that commemorates the birth of the Lamb of God.

It recently occurred to me that the bright, happy, pleasant, enchanting season of Christmas is just a taste of the time we will spend in Heaven. In the presence of the Lord there is eternal joy and eternal happiness. The bright lights and decorations of Christmas are replaced by the brightness of the presence of the God of Creation. Better than Christmas Carols, in the presence of God there is continual praise and singing, and I suspect the most beautiful music. And as Children of God, we will receive gifts of love from our Heavenly Father.

Every day in Glory will be better than the best Christmas ever!!!

I cannot wait! But until then, let us all praise the Lord for sending Jesus to us, for our salvation!

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