Human Explanations

Christmas is approaching! This is evident by the displays of Christmas trees and decorations in stores. As noted previously, nowhere in the Bible is the birthday of the Lord Jesus celebrated. Additionally, Scripture indicates that His birthday was probably in the Fall, not in the Winter.

However, this time of year brings forth estimates of the year in which Jesus was born. The Gospel of John gives us some clues as to the year of the birth of our Lord. John 2:13-21 describes the first Passover that occurred during His ministry. If Jesus was born in the Fall, this would have been the following Spring after His 30th birthday. Jesus began His ministry at age 30. (Luke 3:23) It was at this time that Jesus said, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” Of course, He was referring to His body.

But the Jews exclaimed,” Forty and six years was this temple in building.” We know from history that Herod began his remodeling of the Temple in 20 B.C. Therefore, forty-six years later was 26 A.D. Mathematics then tells us that Jesus was born 5 B.C. (From the Fall of 5 B.C. to the Fall of 25 A.D. is 30 years.) This Passover would have been in 26 A.D.

The purpose of this long explanation is to point out that men have sought to determine which star or constellation was visible to lead the Magi, and to stand over where the child Jesus was. (Matthew 2:1-10) This is an honest effort, but it discounts the possibility that our Sovereign Lord simply caused an astronomical light to lead the Magi. The power of the Creator goes far beyond naturalistic and human understanding.

Genesis chapter six is a controversial chapter because it discusses the Sons of God (beni elohim) having children by human women. Verse four states that the children borne by the human women were the Nephilim, translated as “giants” or the “fallen ones.” It is difficult to accept that some fallen angels (Sons of God) impregnated human women. However, Scripture states that the fathers were the Sons of God, the same words used only one other place in the Bible, Job 1:6, when the Sons of God (angels in some translations) came before the Lord.

This fathering of children by angelic beings is something we humans cannot understand, so we naturally try to explain that which we do not understand. The power of our Sovereign Lord and the power within the supernatural realm is something we cannot totally comprehend.

The Creation described in Genesis chapter one took place in six days. On the seventh day the Lord ceased His creation. Many Christians explain this amazing feat with human thinking by saying that it was not really twenty-four hour days, but lengthy periods of time. There are many theories about the six days of Creation. This is merely man attempting to explain something that he does not understand. If we accept Scripture as true, then we must accept that the Lord created all in six days as He defines it. We must accept that God is Sovereign and all-powerful. If He said the world was created in six days, then it was. We must not attempt to explain it away.

I pray you will accept the Word of our Sovereign Heavenly Father as true and accept it without human explanation. And praise His name always and ever!

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