Future Demonic Activity

In chapter 34 of Isaiah the Prophet foretells the Lord’s wrath against this rebellious world. The language is unmistakable.

In this chapter there are several Hebrew names of animals used. The translators were and are uncertain of the meaning of these names. An example is re’em, translated as “unicorns” in verse 7. The best guess is that this word means some kind of wild animal.

But this period of time, yet future, in which the Lord exhibits His justifiable wrath against a rebellious world, also includes some creatures that are known but also are not on earth at this time.

The “satyr” is described as a mythological class of lustful, drunken woodland gods, represented as a man with a goat's ears, tail, legs, and horns. Continuing on this theme is the “screech owl,” (Hebrew liyliyth – Strong’s H3917) Lilith is nowhere near a “screech owl.” Lilith is a demonic goddess.

This indicates that there will be demonic activity on earth that is being restrained right now. The Apostle Paul told us that the “mystery of iniquity” is already at work and will continue until “he who lets” (thought to be the Holy Spirit) is “taken out of the way.” (Second Thessalonians 2:7) Aren’t you glad that the Holy Spirit is our “down payment” or “guarantee?” And if He is taken out of the way, so will we be also.

I do not wish to be on this earth when Satan and his demons are cast down here. (Revelation 12:9). Entertainment today is so dark. It is all about demons, vampires and evil spiritual beings. It is sad, because some future day, probably soon, these demonic beings will be real and not just on a movie or TV screen. Many people think that movies and books like Harry Potter, which glorify evil spirits, are great entertainment. Scripture seems to indicate that the day is coming when they will see their entertainment face-to-face.

I pray you will turn your back on Harry Potter and movies, TV and games that glorify evil. Please do not open the door to evil in your life. Turn to our gracious Heavenly Father. May His name be praised forever!

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