Summary of Current Events and the Shiite Core

To summarize Daniel 11:40-45: at the Time of the End the (Sunni) king of the South will attack the (Shiite) king of the North. The (Shiite) king of the North will invade the beautiful land (Israel) and Edom, Moab and Ammon (Jordan). Also Egypt will not escape. Then reports from the North and East (Gog and Magog?) (U.S. and Europe?) will alarm the (Shiite) king of the North. He will pitch his tents at the Holy Mountain (Mount Zion) and will meet his end with no one to help him.

In looking at this scenario, please consider that Bible prophecy deals with the neighbors of the Nation of Israel. The United States, Europe and China are not generally found in prophecy. Also remember the Islamic hatred of Israel. Out of the hundreds of thousands of square miles of land in the Middle East, why do the Islamic nations want to take over the little sliver of land known as Israel? The reason is supernatural hatred provided by Satan.

Why will the king of the North make his camp outside of Jerusalem? Because he hates Israel, and he has his military forces together in the mode of war mobilization. Why will the other (Sunni) nations go to Israel? They go because the (Shiite) king of the North is there. That is who they are after. The opportunity to destroy Israel in the process is just a bonus.

There is an obvious delineation within the Muslim world. The Iranian president has made numerous statements that fit the scenario of Persia (Iran) reasserting their power. Perhaps they seek to re-establish the glory of the ancient Persian Empire. Daniel says the king of the North will achieve what his forefathers were unable to do. (Daniel 11:24)

This is conjecture:
If this comes to pass, the Shiite Core will control almost one-half of world oil production and will use that leverage to make demands of the world. Threatened with economic devastation, the world will respond. Most heavily involved, however, will be the Muslim neighbors of Israel. The result of all this military movement will be the amassing of nations in Israel.

What an excellent opportunity for the Lord to show Who is in control, and exercise the wrath He has promised for millennia.

The pieces of the puzzle are all there. This scenario will come to pass if it is the Lord’s will and if it is His timing. May His name be praised forever!

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