Glimpses of Glory

In his book, Angels , Billy Graham described a scene of missionaries being surrounded by hostile natives. John Paton and his wife were in their little house in the New Hebrides Islands. The natives carried their weapons and were intent on burning down the little mission station. The missionaries prayed all night to Almighty God. In the morning, the natives were gone!

One year later the chief of that group received Salvation through Jesus and became a friend of the missionaries. Brother Paton asked him why his warriors left them that night. The chief explained that the mission station was surrounded by “big men” and they were all dressed in “shining white” and had their swords drawn. The frightened warriors left in a big hurry.

This is a bare glimpse of the Heavenly realm when the Lord’s angels came to protect the Lord’s servants. Glory and honor and praise to His name!

Another glimpse was told to a missionary in the Amazonian jungles of Venezuela. A Yanomamo shaman, or witch doctor, was given a chance to see the spiritual or Heavenly realm from afar by his evil spirits. The spirits told him that the God that lived there hated the Yanomamo. Of course, they were lying just as Satan lies. Jesus said that when Satan lies he is speaking his native language because he is the father of lies. (John 8:44)

The Yanomamo witch doctor described a place of great beauty. This illiterate man, living in the jungle and having no previous contact with a Christian told the missionary that there was a river in this beautiful place, and if you drank from that river you would never die . The witch doctor said it was a very happy place. To read more of this conversation, please click HERE.

In January 1956 five Christian missionaries were murdered by the Waodoni people living in the Amazonian jungles of Ecuador. This tribe was called the Aucas by other tribes. Auca means “savage” in their native language. The wives of these martyrs later went to the Waodoni tribe and eventually converted many of them to Christianity. The very men who murdered their husbands became their friends through Jesus.

The natives spoke of seeing men dressed in shining white after they had killed the missionaries. There was also a sound which they could not describe in their language. Years later, one of the missionaries was playing a recording of a grand choir singing a hymn, accompanied by instrumental music. When one of the men who was at the scene in 1956 heard the sound of the great choir he exclaimed, “That is the sound we heard!

Not only were the angels of the Lord there to welcome those saints who had given their lives in an attempt to spread the Gospel, but the Heavenly choir singing holy music was there also. The natives saw and heard, even though they did not understand.

Here is a wonderful glimpse of Glory. Will there be a Heavenly welcome for us when we go to meet the Lord in Glory? I believe there will be, even if it is not apparent to those that are here on earth. Even so, come Lord Jesus. (Revelation 22:20)

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