The Holy Grail

Most people have heard of the legend of the Holy Grail. The story is that anyone who finds the cup that Jesus used during the celebration of Passover (the Last Supper) and who drinks from that cup receives eternal life.

The key word here is “legend.” Christians know that we have Eternal Life through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus and the use of a mere cup is not necessary. This is yet another example of how “mystics” attempt to take Scripture and twist it to mystical ends.

Another related heresy is the “legend” that Mary Magdalene was pregnant by Jesus and fled the Holy Land to live in what is now France. (Why would she endeavor to take a journey longer than the Apostle Paul’s when he was shipwrecked?) King Merovee, of what is France today, claimed descent from Jesus and Mary Magdalene and his descendants are known as Merovingians. The Merovingians were usurped by another line of kings upon the murder of King Dagobert in 679 A.D.

Authors Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln have written a book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, which I cannot recommend. It is filled with heretical ideas. However they do make an interesting observation about the term “holy grail.” In Latin royal blood is sang real. This phrase, if slurred, becomes san graal or holy grail. They believe that the search for the Holy Grail is an error and that the search should be for the royal bloodline.

The authors believe that the search for the Holy Grail is really the search for the royal bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. A more recent heresy is the film “The Last Temptation of Christ” which uses the same blasphemous theme of Jesus having sex with Mary Magdalene.

Yet another legend is that the Merovingians had a cross-shaped birthmark over their heart (a rose cross). There were orders and fraternities formed for the protection and continuation of the Merovingian lineage. The Rosicrucians (rose cross) and the Knights Templar (who wore red crosses on their tunics) are examples of these organizations formed for the preservation of this royal line. The last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, before they were disbanded by King Phillip in 1307, was Jacques DeMolay.

Today, there is a family in France that claims to be of the royal Merovingian bloodline. They believe that they, and not usurpers, are the rightful kings of France. Also, the Hapsburg dynasty (kings of the Austro-Hungarian Empire) and King Juan Carlos of Spain are verified to be of Merovingian descent.

But, never mind the blasphemous claims of descent from the Lord Jesus, here is the real zinger! The cup used by Jesus at the last supper has probably been found!

During an archaeological excavation of the ruins of a church in Antioch in 1910 an ornate silver cup was found. On the cup is a design depicting the Twelve Disciples and Jesus. It is unlikely that this cup was prepared before the Last Supper, and that Jesus used this ornate cup. But this cup was made later to enclose a plain silver goblet. It is possible that the cup Jesus used was obtained and then enclosed in the ornate Antioch Chalice, found in 1910, that commemorates that unique event

Why haven’t we heard of this wonderful discovery? Why does the legend of the search for the Holy Grail continue? It is because those who wish to pursue mystical ideas have no desire to give Glory to the Lord. But Christians do so every day, every time we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, because the Lord deserves all honor and praise. May His name be praised forever!

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