The Hedge of Protection

The Book of Job is considered by Bible scholars to be the oldest book in the Bible. At a time when wealth was measured in the number of livestock that you owned, Job was called “the greatest of all the men of the East.” (Job 1:3) Satan complained of the “hedge of protection” the Lord had placed around Job. (Job 1:10) The Lord, to show Satan the righteousness of Job and to show His own unparalleled power and majesty, allowed Satan to test Job.

Brother Bill Cloud has written an article about Job and his hedge of protection.

Here is a quote from that article:

“Job was spared many troubles as long as the hedge of protection, provided by the Creator, remained in place. As soon as it was removed, the Adversary was permitted to launch an all-out, three-pronged attack against [him]. As the attack unfolds, one can clearly see the steal, kill and destroy tactics of Satan.”

Brother Cloud noted that Satan used:

  1. foreign invaders to steal his property
  2. natural disasters to kill his family
  3. pestilence in an attempt to destroy Job

The parallels between Job’s situation and our own are frightening. Our nation has been blessed with a “hedge of protection.” The multiplicity of natural resources, arable land and an expansive river system allowed America to grow strong. Two oceans and our own power have protected us from invasion by foreign powers. We have been greatly blessed by the Lord.

“Foreign invaders” are threatening attacks against the United States from within the United States. Just as drugs are easily smuggled into our country, terrorists can be also. This does not consider the potential terrorists who reside here legally.

“Natural disasters,” strange weather, increased earthquakes are occurring and cannot be questioned.

America has experienced hints of “pestilence.” Remember, more people died of Influenza during World War One than were killed in battle. Scientists fear that the dread childhood disease, Whooping Cough, is rapidly growing resistance to the usual drug treatment. The latest worry is Ebola. On January 2, 2015 the Center for Disease Control declared that we are in an Influenza epidemic, particularly those of us who live in the Southeastern United States.

America has turned its back on the Lord. If He has or should remove our hedge of protection, the results will be disastrous. Pray for America. May the church turn from its worldly ways, seek His face and repent that He might heal our land. (Second Chronicles 7:14)

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