Ice Asteroid Theory

Many years ago, a man who worked at the NASA Kennedy Space Center attended the same church that I did. In today’s language he was a “techie.” He had a Christian friend at NASA who had prepared a slide show demonstrating a theory on the cause of the Flood of Noah.

This theory was based on the concept that the Earth was approached by an asteroid composed of ice.

The NASA scientist, whose name I do not remember, showed that if such an asteroid approached the Earth the gravitational force of the Earth would overcome the gravitation force of the asteroid, and the asteroid would disintegrate. He theorized that the pieces of ice from the asteroid would be captured in the Van Allen Belt. The Van Allen Belt is composed of charged energy particles that are held in place by the Earth’s magnetism. According to the theory, the pieces of ice would rain down on the North and South Poles.

Genesis 1:6-9 indicates that there was a layer of water, perhaps in the form of cloud cover, over the Earth. Further, Genesis 2:5-6 tells us that there was no rain that fell on the Earth. These two facts combined with the Ice Asteroid theory could explain the rains of the Flood. This cataclysmic event would have caused the water vapor layer to condense and fall as rain.

Rain, which had apparently not been experienced before on Earth, and the “fountains of the deep” gave us the Flood of Noah. Even today, science says there are great reservoirs of water beneath the ground.

As further confirmation of this theory, mammoths have been found in Siberia, quick frozen with vegetation in their stomachs that is not found in Siberia. The Birds Eye company estimates incredibly cold temperatures are necessary to quick freeze an animal the size of a mammoth. Also, the mammoths are found in a standing position. They did not lie down and die. I use the present tense because mammoth carcasses are still being found.

If the Earth was completely covered by clouds, or other water vapor, the temperature would be reasonably consistent everywhere. This is touted today as the “greenhouse effect.” That would explain the vegetation that is not found in Siberia today that is in the stomachs of the mammoth carcasses.

The Ice Asteroid theory explains the sudden condensation, or rain. It explains the sudden deaths of the mammoths. I do not know if this theory is correct. It does answer a lot of questions.

But, I do know Who is in control and Who knows exactly how the Genesis Flood occurred. Praise His name, He is still in control today. Thank Him. Praise His name, always.

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