Raging Insanity, Again

Over the course of my writing, I have written almost one thousand lessons. Occasionally, I repeat a lesson. This is one of those occasions. Just over a year ago, in January 2020, I wrote about the insanity in our world. Little did I know that it would get worse.

When the Lord Jesus encountered the two demon-possessed men on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee, they were described as being exceedingly fierce. (Matthew 8:28-32) The many demons that possessed them caused them to behave in an irrational, or perhaps insane, manner. The Greek word used to describe them is chalepos (Strong’s G5467). The only other time the Apostle Paul used this same Greek word, was to describe the Last Days to Timothy. (Second Timothy 3:1)

Paul, in connecting the “perilous times” of the Last Days with the raging insanity of the demon-possessed man, shows us where we are today. In my opinion, we are nearing the Last Days and are seeing raging insanity. Let me give some examples:

Toys-R-Us was a retail chain that sold toys for children. In order to demonstrate how socially active they were, they supported Planned Parenthood, an organization responsible for the abortion, and therefore the death, of millions of babies. Toys-R-Us was supporting the elimination of their customers. That could be described as insanity. Toys-R-Us no longer has any retail stores.

The Hallmark Channel is known for its many boy-meets-girl, happy ending movies. The people that watch this channel love these stories. You may be aware that very recently the Hallmark Channel decided to display a homosexual girl-meets-girl commercial and has stated that they would support LGBTQ+++ stories. The management of the Hallmark Channel is purposefully turning their back on their customers in order to appear as "social justice warriors." Will they lose money like Toys-R-Us?

In socialized Great Britain, a midwife lost her job for stating that only women could give birth. Who better qualified to know this fact than a midwife? But she lost her job because of politically correct social engineers. To say that men can give birth could be described as insanity.

A friend, who is a male, recently visited Princeton University. On an occasion when he went to the men’s restroom, he was surprised to see feminine hygiene products available for use by the men. (!?!?!) Princeton is an institute of higher learning. Princeton probably has a biology department that well knows the difference between male and female human beings. This is insanity! People may choose another gender, but the biology remains the same. You will be sad to learn that Princeton, whose motto is “Under God’s Power She Flourishes,” was founded in 1746 as a college to train young men to be ministers of the Word of God.

A college professor with lots of letters after their name declared that by acknowledging “two plus two equals four,” a rather provable scientific statement, you are declaring “white supremacy.” How? More insanity!

I will not get far into the requirement of face masks that fog your glasses because they are not filtering your breath, or the arbitrary, unscientific social-distancing requirement. Where is the science? This is another form of insanity.

When seeing this insanity, and more, I look forward to the Lord Jesus calling the Church Home. It is becoming obvious that the Church in the United States has lost its primary mission. The U.S. church thinks that its works (food kitchens, homeless shelters, et cetera) are its mission. We are not saved by these works. The mission of the Church is to save souls.

I look forward to the Holy Spirit moving in the Church in the United States. May the name of God by glorified, and may many, many souls receive salvation. Perhaps this is the reason why the Lord has remained patient and has not gathered up His Church in anticipation of the Tribulation.

Dear Lord, thank you for your patience. May your name be praised forever!

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