The Invasion of the 16th Century

The city of Vienna, in what is now Austria, was placed under siege by the Turkish Ottoman Empire in 1529. The Muslim army had advanced that far into Europe. The siege failed and marked the farthest point of attack by the Middle Eastern army. Strife between the Europeans and the Muslims continued for over one hundred years, culminating with the Battle of Vienna in 1683.

It is amazing to see how far the Ottoman Empire extended into Europe. Their control of portions of Europe and the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea is the very reason for the search for another route to Asia, its spices and riches. Therefore, the Muslim Ottoman Empire was the reason for the discovery of the North American Continent by Christopher Columbus.

The failure of a Muslim military conquest of Europe has been replaced by a demographic conquest. Muslims have been moving into Europe since the Germans began their “guest worker” program in 1960. Many of these workers were Turkish and they brought their families with them. At the same time the Algerian War of Independence was bringing refugees to France. Algeria was a French colony, and it citizens were allowed into France. We have all read reports of areas of France where the police cannot go because of the Muslim control. Germany also is threatened with losing its culture.

Now, we have a massive wave of Syrian refugees moving into Europe. I certainly sympathize with people trying to get their families away from war. But what about their Muslim neighbors? Why are not Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and Turkey accepting these refugees? Below are photos of an empty tent city in Saudi Arabia.

Notice the air-conditioners. There is an estimated capacity for 3,000,000 people in this tent city. They are used for the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. The Muslims have the ability to take care of their brother Muslims.

But apparently that is not the plan. It appears that the plan is to continue and expand the conquest of Europe. Imams have been quoted as saying as much in their mosques. They wish to make Europe Islamic.

Please continue to pray for our Christian Brothers and Sisters under the hand of Islam. May the Lord guard, protect and deliver them. And may the Lord Jesus come soon!

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