Muslim Invasions

The following is history, not opinion. The Middle East and Africa were devastated by the Muslims. From the time of Mohammed in the Seventh Century, Islam has grown by war, death and enslavement. After all, Islam means “submission.”

Recall that Followers of Jesus were first called “Christian” in Antioch, Syria. Syria was Christian in the Seventh Century. Tyndale, and other Bible translators, used Syrian Peshitta texts in their work. Some of these texts go back to the Second Century and were copied from the original writings of the Apostles. The Syrian church was decimated by the Muslim invasion.

Muslim armies made several thrusts into Europe. The Ottoman Empire attempted to capture the Island of Malta in 1565. They were defeated September 11th of that year. The Ottoman Empire was stopped at Vienna, Austria on September 11, 1683. Aren’t those dates interesting?

The conquest of Constantinople, now known as Istanbul, in 1453, had far-reaching effects on history. At that time, the only Bible texts in Europe had been translated from the original to Latin. When the Muslims invaded Asia Minor, the location of the Seven Churches of the Revelation, many scholars fled to the West with their Greek and Syriac texts of the Bible. This led to the blessing of the Bible being translated from more original texts, which further led to the Reformation of the Church.

By this time, all trade routes to the East were controlled by Muslims and were dangerous. That is why Christopher Columbus sought another route to India and the East. Of course, this is why he called the indigenous people that he found “Indians.”

Muslim war and control of the eastern Mediterranean Sea forced Europe to look west. In the late Sixteenth and early Seventeenth Centuries the Muslims were still pressing to capture Europe. When the English Non-Conformists looked for a land in which they could worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth, they were forced to look westward. The result of their flight to “America” is the establishment of our great nation.

The land the Pilgrims discovered was immense, had abundant natural resources, and had a massive river system that allowed transportation and commerce even before the railroad was devised and built. America has the buffers of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and has not suffered foreign invasion since the War of 1812.

This great nation, founded on Christian principles, is still the leading source of missions to the unsaved in other lands. America has been a beacon of Christianity and freedom for hundreds of years. The Lord used the Muslim invasions to create something exceptionally good to the Glory of His name.

Satan is not happy with this and seeks to divide America. Pray for our nation. Pray for a Great Awakening in the United States and around the world. Praise the name of the Lord!

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